Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Tokyo Game Show 2021: The biggest announcement ever

The Tokyo Game Show 2021 has arrived, with big announcements from companies such as Xbox, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, miHoYo, and Namco Bandai.

The show has already begun and will continue until Sunday, October 3rd. Every day, it’s full of live streams and presentations of some of the long-awaited games that will take place later this year.

Not only do you not miss the best moments in the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Viewing Guide, this article is constantly updated with the biggest news, trailers, interviews and more. They happen every day of the show.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion includes new hubs, monsters, and locations

Capcom shared new details on the “Massive” Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion. It is also set to introduce a new master rank level for the quest. This new story takes players to a new base of operations, meets Elder Dragon Marzeno, and even returns familiar monsters like General Sina Taurus.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released in the summer of 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise Appears in January 2022

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise will be released on PC via Steam on January 12, 2022. This new version features 4K resolution support, high resolution textures, unlimited frame rates, optimized keyboard and mouse controls, voice chat, and ultra-wide 21. 9 Display support.

Monster Hunter Showcase reveals collaboration between Sonic and Ghost n Goblins

In addition to the details of Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion and PC release, it was also revealed that the game will collaborate not only with Ghost and Goblins, but also with Sonic to commemorate the 30th anniversary. I’m not sure about Sonic’s collaboration, but Ghosts n Goblins’ collaboration will arrive on October 29th, giving hunters a chance to become the legendary Sir Arthur.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will also get new DLC including new monsters, quests, co-op challenges and more.

Phil Spencer wants to expand the Japanese game lineup to Xbox

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said Xbox is working “every day to expand its lineup of Japanese games” to “help spread Japanese games around the world.” “I am honored to be able to support you. [TGS] In a conversation with Shinji Mikami, Spencer said, “We are working with Japanese publishers every day to increase the lineup of Japanese games on Xbox. That’s really important for Xbox fans and customers. We know. “

Tango Gameworks is developing new games.

Despite Tango Gameworks working on the completion of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Shinji Mikami has revealed that John Johannas, director of The Evil Within 2, is “working hard on the new game.”

Scarlet nexus heads for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has revealed that Scarlet Nexus, Ai: The Somnium Files, and Mighty Goose are all playable on the Xbox Game Pass starting today.

Redfall, Starfield, etc. will be localized for Japan

Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to Japan by revealing that Arkane Studios’ Redall will include a full Japanese audio cast at launch and Bethesda’s Starfield will include Japanese text and audio. bottom. Bethesda’s Todd Howard has revealed that this will be the “largest translation ever” for a team with “more than 300 actors and 150,000 lines of dialogue.”

The King of Fighters 15: SNK Announces First All-New Character

SNK has announced the next The King of Fighters XV’s first new character, Isla. This fighter is the “rival” of Shunei, the former hero of The King of Fighters XIV.

SWERY’s Good Life Get Xbox Exclusive Demo

Deadly Premonition’s Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro has revealed that his next game, The Good Life, due out on October 15th, will be demonstrating exclusively on Xbox on September 30th today.

Eternal Return gets release date and trailer

Alongside the all-new gameplay trailer, it’s revealed that Eternal Return will be released on October 19th.

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