Tomb A fascinating photo game full of great moments, lots of minds, and clever puzzles. You will travel the black and white world and meet interesting characters. They are all set to diorama style levels and ask you to explore them. By solving their problems with your reliable camera, you get stamps that allow you to move to the next bus stop and are ready to see what’s next.

Toem starts almost like Pokemon game. You are ready to wake up in a small town and embark on an epic adventure. Before you can leave, you are of course given your obligatory running shoes (well, they’re Toem’s clogs, but you understand the idea) and you want to be the best Turns off-that is, a photographer. The entire game is displayed in black and white, and shades of gray are used to add textures to the different areas you visit.For games Overall When it comes to taking pictures, you’ll think this limited color palette will hurt your experience, but it’s not. If anything, it allows you to focus more on the composition of your shots.

Toem puzzles often contain characters that ask you to show you what you’re missing or a picture of the person you’re looking for. Early quests will tell you to look for someone’s missing socks, but you’ll have to get them back in a game of chance from the ghosts. (We don’t know if the ghost stole the socks in the first place. Have got Anyway, as a reward for earning stamps, collecting enough stamps will allow you to move on to the next level. You can also get new clothes and camera upgrades. By the end of the game, we were roaming around with the peak of high fashion, foam fingers and fishing hats.

Arrive at Toem’s new location is always exciting. Because before you can assemble the pieces and solve the puzzles, you need to talk to everyone in the area and experience all the unique wildlife. They’re all pretty simple, and the world isn’t huge, so you won’t search for days, but none of them will be a hassle. You will always be rewarded with funny conversations and great pictures. It’s the best reward for an aspiring photographer.

It was a short and relaxing game that I could sit for 3-4 hours and finish easily, but I loved it every minute. Great for rainy days and long car trips.It’s a rare game to feel very comfortable. It’s fun to look back at the well-captured composition where we were able to create a photo at the beginning of the game when we were still learning rope and could barely frame the subject as the end of the game. is. Like us, you can’t resist the urge to go back for every stamp, every secret, and every great line of dialogue.

Toem is also neatly accessible. You don’t even have to take great pictures. Other than one or two missions, the game is fairly generous as it is accepted as a solution to the quest. But I’m having fun, so I’ve confirmed that everything I shoot looks great. It is discovered in the process, much like taking a picture in real life.

Like a great album that ends at the end of the day, Toem is an incredibly relaxing experience and you’ll want to experience it again when it’s complete. You might want to take a picture of the world around you, but unfortunately there is no duck dressed as a lighthouse keeper. Only if.