Immediately after the April release of judgement The long-awaited sequel is here! Lost judgment!! This action-packed brawler with the plot of the Prestige drama series emerges today from the creative mind of the award-winning yakuza series. Jumping into Takayuki Yagami’s short shoes, the former defense counsel became a private detective. He made his big streets smarter, put up an armory of detective gadgets, and fought fierce battles against those who thought they were out of the law. Encouraged in the impossible case of two crimes occurring at the same time, he explores the back alleys of Yokohama to uncover the truth of a twisted story of organized crime, bullying, and justice. You have to attack and infiltrate your local high school.

Lost judgment Whether you’re a new detective or a veteran of the Yakuza series, it provides new users with a completely seamless approach to the series and a fresh standalone story that doesn’t require previous experience. But that doesn’t mean it’s all the same cat and mouse game. There are many new elements that will appear in the Judgment series for the first time, including:

Lost judgment

Float like a butterfly and bite like a snake

Yagami has been added to his repertoire since we last met him. In addition to the revival of Tiger Style, an aggressive powerhouse designed to dismantle a single target, and Crane Style, an acrobatic and agile form that emphasizes sweep strikes to attack groups of enemies. Yagami refined a new snake style with momentum and turned it to them with the power of his enemies. This new defensive style allows Yagami to adopt a more defensive framework and pave the way for new attacks against aggressive enemies. The various joint locks, throws and strikes are so powerful that enemies escape fear. This new “soft hand” approach by Yagami may be the most powerful ever.

Lost judgment

The detective is just as good as his tool

The key to good research is clear observation, and there are many things that can be collected with sharp eyes and ears. In addition to adopting many of his signature techniques like his trusted drone, the Yagami Detective Agency has added some new techniques to their repertoire. You can use a noise amplifier to listen to a distant target or find hidden electronics with a signal detector. Place the man’s best friend in the new detective dog case and test Yagami’s athletic ability with the new parkour ability.

Lost judgment

Enough to explore after hours

Explore a modern playground in Yokohama with lots of specialty side activities and mini-games that made the Ryu Rise studio team famous. Are you in some high school clubs like dance teams or robotics clubs, or are you hanging out in an arcade? Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Fighting Vipers, Also Sonic the Fighters..You can also go back to the office and kick back with a classic Master System like this: Fantasy zone When Alex Kidd in Miracle World.. Nothing beats skateboarding around the city, visiting a local skatepark, shopping at a local supermarket, or trying your luck at a local gambling ground. There is always a lot to do in the neon-soaked cityscape of Yokohama.

So tie the sneakers, charge the drone and disguise-we have a case to solve Lost judgment!!

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Lost judgment




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December 2021, Tokyo District Court. Akihiro Ehara was charged with groping for a woman on a crowded train. Video footage of bystanders trying to escape the scene and subsequent anxieties are ubiquitous in the news, and public protests demand the greatest judgment. “Three days ago, a corpse was found in an abandoned house in Yokohama. Have you identified it yet?” He declares the turmoil going through court. His defense counsel, Saori Shirasaki, is undoubtedly overlooked in significant details of the situation, as Ehara was not attempted to murder. She contacts detective Takayuki Yagami to investigate this further. Why did Gangwon commit two crimes at once? Was sexual assault a cover-up? Did Gangwon bet on the entire judicial system? As the victim emerges and Yagami digs deeper into the truth, he faces the question: obeying the law or enacting justice? You can become a monster with just one stumbling block …