Monday, November 29th, 2021

Toby Fox talks about Deltarune and presents concept art in an interview with Nintendo Japan

image: DG teeth

Deltarune Chapter 2 is now available on Switch completely free of charge. From the same creator who created Undertale — in fact, the title itself is an anagram of Undertale — and to celebrate the release, Nintendo Japan has secured an interview with Toby Fox himself.

Massive Disclaimer Here: I apologize in advance for most of the interviews where Google Translate didn’t work very well … but here are some highlights!

“My feelings now are … I’m tired. I want a day off. Are you sure? [speak to] A little Mario? “Take me to Yoshi Island.” I also want to eat that green fruit with a time limit. You can oversleep 27 hours a day if you eat for breakfast, right? “
-How to do Toby Fox

Fox actually hired a team of people to help him finish the game (You can see the full credit here), And he talks about how it affected development:

“It took a year and a half to develop” Chapter 2 “itself. There were many things before we started full-scale development. But it’s been three years, but … a little disappointing. Everyone. Make you wait so long …

I programmed “Chapter 1” and “UNDERTALE” all by myself, but I hurt my wrist and couldn’t program for a long time. Therefore, “Chapter 2” is about 90% programmed by another member of the team. Yes, I became a director from this time (imagine a professional dog in a beret). “

However, leading a team has its own challenges, Fox says, “it’s easy to tell people,” but it’s up to you to actually make what’s in your head. It is “10.2 times more difficult” than.

Gigi DG's concept art involved in the game
Gigi DG’s concept art involved in the game (image: DG teeth)

As for Chapter 3, Fox (jokingly!) Says that every time someone asks when it will go on sale, the development period will be extended by a year. It looks like seven chapters are planned, but Fox says they’re still coming.

But seriously, I would like to publish it when Chapters 3, 4, and 5 are over. It took a year and a half to develop Chapter 2, so it’s a simple calculation … yeah, that’s a lie! ?? help!

Finally, an interesting fact from Toby Fox who was able to study Japanese and help localize the game was made by industry legend 8-4 (Return of the Obra Dinn, Hades, Firewatch also localized). rice field.

The Japanese word “glamor” has a slightly different meaning from the English word “glamor”. In English it means “luxury” or “gloss”, but in Japanese “glamor” means something like “big boobs and big ass”.

For the first time, I learned that the BGM of “UNDERTALE” for Mettaton and the Japanese title is “Brilliant Death Fight”.

The original English title is “Death By Glamor”, so if this is a title like “Killed by Glamour” in Japanese … Japanese [would] “Mettaton is an enemy that chokes players with big boobs and hips,” he says. You may have misunderstood.


The rest of the interview is full of spoilers, so leave it alone, but if you want to check it yourself, Visit the Nintendo Japan blog!!