Deltarune: Despite Chapter 2 being released alone, Toby Fox, the creator of the series, said his goal was to have Chapters 3, 4, and 5 arrive at the same time. Stated.

Toby Fox shared the news Deltarune.com Deltarune: After the release of Chapter 2, we initially planned to release a new chapter only when all chapters were finished, but realized that it’s difficult for both creators and fans to spend a lot of time without a release. rice field.

Screenshot of Deltarune

Fox also shared that Chapters 3, 4, and 5 are currently unknown, but will now be “asking people to buy the game” at a higher price than Undertale at $ 14.99.

Fox releases both Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2 for free and asks players (who can afford it!) To buy another indie game to support smaller developers. Did. In addition, anyone who wants to support Toby Fox can purchase the Undertale soundtrack and both Deltarune chapters. Bandcamp.

“It’s just one request. Keep in mind that games like this aren’t usually free,” Fox wrote. “If you can afford it, support other indie developers to get this game for free and spend the money you save. If you really want to give money, Buy the soundtrack from Bandcamp. Thank you very much. “

Deltarune: The launch of Chapter 2 was amazing, announced just a few days ago at Undertale’s 6th Anniversary event. According to Fox, Deltarune was much more difficult to develop than Undertale because of “new systems, plot lines, and graphics complexity.”

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