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Tips and tricks for the Rust console version

Island Rust console edition – Available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S – is a demanding place. Literally, everything here wants to kill you. Local wildlife, other players and even the island itself will do their best to eliminate you and take action, so what can you do to get one step ahead? Hope these tips will help you gain a foothold in this unforgivable survival sandbox.

Make a sleeping bag – This should be the first thing you do – collect 30 pieces of cloth from the green cannabis plants growing on the island, and then make a sleeping bag. Place it near the location you want to build, and then you can regenerate it here-this makes it easier not to forget the good location after death. Then you will die… a lot!

Rust Console Edition-Explore

Explore the island before building – Construction may begin immediately, but before you decide to take root, it is always worth exploring the island; look around to find the location of other monuments and bases. You don’t want to build a soloist near a huge clan!

Rust console version-basic location

Base location is important – Even if you are a member of a huge Zerg clan, building a huge base in an empty area will inevitably attract wrong attention. Look around and choose a suitable location for your base. Building on the top of the mountain will provide you with a higher ground advantage, or build a small stone base on the edge of the cliff and blend it together, or even put one wall of the base on a rock outcrop, so the direction of the raid is as early as possible A good way to protect property.

Rust Console Edition-Tools

Lock your tool cabinet – Once you have built a base of some kind and put down the tool cabinet so that no one can build near you and your base will not rot, make a basic lock and place it on your tool cabinet . Now, even if someone enters your base, they must waste additional resources entering the tool cabinet. This also applies to large and small storage boxes. Lock them up to frustrate your attackers!

Anti-rust console version-air lock

Establish airlock – Even if you can only afford a small 1×1 wooden base, it is very important to paste an extra triangular foundation on it, walls, roofs and doors. This means that even if someone kills you and your front door is open, the airlock and second door will prevent them from entering your base. After this placement, you can also use the door in an open position to prevent raiders or campers from entering, while still allowing you to shoot. Just don’t forget to close the outer door!

Anti-rust console version-honeycomb

“Honeycomb” base! -Once you have established and started to expand your foundation, it is best to place supporting walls around the central area. This is the so-called “honeycomb”; a wall is placed in it to create a solid perimeter around the main part of the base. These spaces are usually inaccessible, but it is much more difficult for those trying to raid you, and they will have to waste more time and resources to penetrate the protective wall.

Anti-rust console version-red barrel

Easy access to low-grade fuel! -Low-grade fuel is a highly sought after resource at the beginning of the game because it is necessary to build a furnace. It is mainly made from animal fat, but animals may be difficult to catch. Most animals will attack or run away, so it is somewhat challenging to catch it.

Look out for the red buckets that may appear in the trash cans around the map or most commonly on the dome monument to make your life easier. These barrels will provide you with a small amount of low-grade fuel and crude oil, which can be refined in small refineries, one of which is also located on the dome.

For super safe low-grade fuel farms, you can look for floating platforms on the sea, which also produces “red barrels”. These platforms are not often explored, which makes them a less dangerous option for predation.

Rust console version-research table

If you find something useful, please keep it and research it! – It may be tempting to use a brand new MP5 that has just been robbed, but would it be better if you could make more MP5s for you and your friends? You can study how to make many items in the game, so if you find something that you think is useful, but in small quantities, you can make a research table and pay a certain amount of scrap to learn how to make the item. A good example is higher-level healing items or ammunition, which is difficult to do in the early game.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it the only way to play-explore, build, fight or survive! Hope these skills will improve your early game level and at least extend your survival time in harsh environments. Rust console edition Longer!

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