Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Ticket: Europe 15th Anniversary Review

The original Ticket to Ride is famous for helping us signal the arrival of the early 2000s board game renaissance. (Believe me, kids, there were times when board game options were limited to ancient standbys like monopoly and life; those years bored).

Ticket to Ride: Europe was an early follow-up, moving settings abroad and introducing some smart tweaks to gameplay. Now that this standalone sect is turning 15, publisher Days of Wonder has released a complete, oversized, totally gorgeous new version of the game, Ticket to Ride: Europe 15th Anniversary Edition. And what do you know? This strategy game has turned out to be as fun and satisfying as ever.

There’s nothing new about the content here, but Ticket to Ride: Europe 15th Anniversary Edition represents the definitive edition of the game. This includes all the extensions in addition to everything that came with the original. But each physical piece, such as a board, card, or train piece, is thoughtfully getting a high quality upgrade. This edition is a remarkable sight.

The board itself is huge-it’s basically the size of a bath towel. It measures 38 x 25.5 inches and occupies most of my kitchen table. It looks amazing. The route remains the same as the original version, but the art is all new, with vibrant colors and much more terrain details. The board itself is made of thick, high quality material. You don’t have to worry about accidentally tearing it when you fold or unfold it.

This edition is a remarkable sight.


That’s great, but there are some drawbacks to such a huge dimension. The board is so large that you cannot easily (or at all) reach the items on the other side of the board. During my play session, everyone was always asking each other to put train pieces and draw cards. This wasn’t a big deal, but it’s worth considering, especially if you have limited space for desktop games.

Ticket to Ride: Boards aren’t the only hardware upgraded in the European 15th Anniversary Edition. The destination cards are also more colorful and all the cards boast more detailed art. Also, train pieces and stations are very complex. Today, the colors of each train are completely distinct, indicating what type of freight they carry. For example, a brown train carries logs and a blue train carries a new one called a car. Each train set is housed in its own nice looking can.

The game itself remains unchanged. The board is a map of Europe at the dawn of the 20th century. All cities are named after their native era and language and are not ideal because they are difficult to find, but they are connected by various train routes. Your main job is to claim these routes as your own, based on the destination ticket card you draw.

This may not sound like a blast, but it is. It won’t take long to learn the rules and you will discover new strategies while playing. This is a very balanced game that rewards smart and strategic play. If you’ve played any version of Ticket to Ride, you’ll basically know what to expect.

Basically, the premier version of Ticket to Ride: If you’re looking for Europe, this is it. Each piece has an amazing look and feel in itself. Everything goes well together when you are playing. If you have the space and can afford the premium price, we recommend this edition.

Where to buy

Tickets: The European 15th Anniversary Edition retails for $ 99.99, but can be found cheaper at various retail stores.