Monday, November 29th, 2021

Thunderful Acquires Robot Teddy and Expands to Game Investment

Image & Form is a talented but little-known developer, not long ago that attracted attention and achieved great success. Steamworld Dig.. Of course, the SteamWorld series has grown over the years since then, but with investment and hard-earned success, Image & Form has evolved and changed almost beyond recognition.

Now, of course, one of the big companies in the “indie” space is definitely Thunderful, a publisher and developer.Its publishing library continues to grow with: Lonely mountains: downhill And in the future Cursed by golf, Above all, the next major internal release will be exclusively for Xbox / PC Gunk..

Currently, the acquisition and expansion of the business has been confirmed and taken over. Robot teddy.. A company that specializes in consulting and business development in the game industry and is working on the following projects. Among us, Super hot VR When What golf.. It will retain its staff, name and clients after the acquisition, but will also take over the operations of Thunderful’s two investment funds.

The details of the press release are as follows.

Thunderful Investment will set up two new funds. These funds, managed in collaboration with Robot Teddy, fill the gap in the industry’s current lack of choice. Robot Teddy not only manages these funds, but also continues to provide support to developers who wish to publish at their own expense.

The first of the new Thunderful Investment Fund is aimed at developing game prototypes and vertical slices. The lack of funding for prototypes is a major problem in the gaming industry and is now favoring the gaming industry, which is already well funded. This fund will help you regain that balance and unleash the creativity of independent creators. The second fund will support the development of VR games, a booming sector with opportunities for self-funded publishing. VR projects are very underfunded and up to this point, the focus has been on a small number of publishers, platform funds, or investments.

The first fund is undoubtedly aimed at finding and supporting potentially good indie games very early in development, helping to realize projects that would otherwise be difficult to complete.

This is another move to show that Thunderful is one of the big companies focused on indie game space and is on a similar trajectory to Team17, Raw Fury, and even Devolver Digital.