Monday, May 16th, 2022

Those who can find these “lost” F-ZERO trucks will be rewarded with $ 5,000

Image: Nintendo

Long before DLC became a regular part of our gaming life, Nintendo broke new ground with Satellaview services for the Super Nintendo. The system uses satellite broadcasts to allow players to download and store games in special rewritable BS-X memory packs. Preserving these titles is a serious effort for many fans, as official physical releases are not permitted and there is a risk of loss. eternally.

One such conservationist goes by name Porthgeidwad, And they raised the grace of truck selection for Satellaview BSF-ZERO Grand Prix 2, The original F-ZERO Satellaview limited sequel: Forest I, Forest II, Forest III, Metal Fort I When Metal Fort II.. These tracks air weekly, with Forest I and Forest II appearing in Weeks 1 and 2, including Forest III, Metal Fort I, and Metal Fort II.

Those who can find all of these tracks will be given $ 5,000, half from Porthgeidwad and the other from “another user who currently wants to remain anonymous.” The purpose is to get the track with either a physical BS-X memory pack or a ROM dump.

These ROMs BS-X memory pack.. Oddly enough, Satellaview’s F-Zero has a different file type than the regular file type called the “soundlink”. They don’t show / play this file type when they first appear in the cart when turned on, so the only way to check if they exist is: Dump information from BS-X pack Display on PC.

As Porthgeidwad points out, time is important here because the life of a BS-X memory pack is finite.

BS-X memory packs are known to suffer from data degradation (so-called “bit corruption”), and if they haven’t been dumped so far, they may be degraded. At this point it’s like a lottery ticket. If the BS-X cart does not appear to be empty, dump the information and see if it contains anything.

If there are BS-X packs around that you haven’t investigated properly yet, it’s time.