Monday, November 29th, 2021

This Zelda II ROM Hack removes all the annoyances to present a whole new adventure

Image: Nintendo / Katsuya Terada

Zelda II: Link Adventure Beloved by many, it is often mentioned every time the “Zelda Remake” is discussed, but only the most enthusiastic fans try to claim that there is no fair share of the matter.

There are many (sometimes boring) side-scrolling battles, and the difficulty has been particularly criticized for decades.If you are one of those who have never experienced it, despite your hard work For real If tied to the second NES quest on the link, you may be interested in learning that indie developer OK Impala! We have created an unofficial ROM hack to change to make the game more enjoyable.

Zelda II-Amida’s Curse This is the result of 18 months of hard work, with the goal of “focusing on the fun aspects of Zelda II and eliminating frustrating design choices.” In Amida’s curse, exploration is far more important than combat, and there is a whole new world to explore in many towns and temples.Besides boasting improved visuals, Amida’s Curse also introduces a new soundtrack composed by Bent glass tube..

The outline is as follows.

One day, Link found an entrance to a strange land. Curious, he begins exploring Amida’s magical world. He knows little about a brand new adventure that takes him to places he never imagined. Amida has a deep emotional connection with our hero. Can Link uncover Amida’s secrets and return to his own world?

Zelda II – Amida’s Curse is a brand new Zelda II adventure. The game has been rebuilt from scratch with a new world of bentglasstubes, new graphics and an original soundtrack. The focus of Amida’s curse is on exploration above combat. Gameplay has been modified to make this a more enjoyable gaming experience than anything else. Therefore, it is less difficult than the original Zelda II, has no cheap deaths, and does not require crushing.

-9 new temples to explore (against 7 of Vanilla Zelda II)
-11 new towns to visit (8 pairs of Vanilla Zelda II)
-New soundtrack
-Brand new overworld
–New story
-New graphics
-World animation tiles
-Balanced difficulty, no cheap death
-No random encounters in the world
-Gameplay tweak load (built on Zelda II Redux)
-The life you find is lasting
-No polishing required
-Enemy rebalancing, no bigger HP pool
-Press A as a fairy and it will immediately return to normal form
-Templestone gives fixed XP
-Fairies can’t fly the door
-Press Up and A in the Start menu to save anywhere. However, keep in mind that you will be warped back to the starting point of the game.Therefore, use this option only if you want to stop playback
-And more …

Zelda II-Amida’s curse can be played through emulation, but if you have access to a flash cart like Everdrive, the original hardware will work perfectly fine.