When it comes to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the remodeling scene is spectacular. Fans have been busy over the past few years creating takes of all sorts of Hyrule, including the entire informal DLC pack and various other chaotic changes to the base game, and this latest effort is even more. Another impressive addition.

Known Breath of the Wild Modder Waikuteru I’m back again. This time, we’ll mix everything together to create a landmizer that keeps even the most experienced players on their toes. Unveiled at the YouTube premiere today, the new mod will randomize the items it finds, the items given by NPCs, and the enemy drops themselves. Warps via Sheikah Slate and access to shrines can also be randomized. Who knows where you are going!

But it only scratches the surface. Wyktel says the project requires “hundreds of hours of work” and provides a list of the most impressive features of the randomizer. You can find the list below. The Randomizer can steal items from the pouch, give and remove rupees, display Lynels and Guardians everywhere, heal and damage at any time without warning. It sounds ridiculous..

“We have built a new system named” Randomizer Cycle “. This cycle is displayed randomly and you can choose one of the many options to change the game on the fly. If the randomizer cycle is long, the option will not be triggered / selected. The higher the chance, the 100% chance in the end.

Randomizer-Spawn: This will spawn enemies throughout the High Rule. These enemies also have randomized weapons. The selected options can be undone.
Randomizer-Prohibitions: Set prohibited items such as saving, warping, using shrines, eating and drinking, and killing time. The selected options can be undone.
Randomizer-Time: Time changes on the fly, resulting in changes in weather, lighting, enemy behavior (sleep, etc.), and NPC schedules.
Randomizer-Environment: Change the environment by igniting everything (eg Volcano Eldin), making it cold (eg Hebra Mountains), making it hot (eg Gerd Desert). Certain so-called “pallet” settings can also occur, such as lost woods fog (including music), complete darkness, and sandstorms.
Randomizer-Take equipment: One of the player’s equipment is removed from the pouch, creating a dangerous situation and increasing excitement.
Randomizer-Money: A random amount of rupees will be lost or credited to the player.
Randomizer-Damage and Heal: You can damage or heal the player.
Randomizer-Get Items: The player receives the item. This includes small swords, large swords, spears, shields, bows, armor parts, fruits, meat, insects, plants and much more.
Randomizer-Warp: Warp the player to a different spawn point. This includes warping the player to another world. For example, from the normal world to the beast.

Wyktel plans to launch mods for free on Christmas Day, but as with such fan-made mods, it should be warned that this is not officially licensed by Nintendo. Still, seeing what fans can do always impresses us, especially this mod seems to be a lot of fun.