Image: Nintendo

Spoilers, obviously …

Metroid dread A lot of things were talked about last week, mostly in positive language. Many of us are still in the first playthrough, desperately fleeing EMMI’s enemies and navigating a fairly large map. However, for some people, it’s time to optimize their follow-up performance and, in some cases, perform speedruns. It’s a game that looks very suitable for those players.

This is the second spoiler warning. Please read at your own risk.

If you need proof that Mercury Steam and Nintendo are good at their words in terms of making maps and their progress flexible, @glaedrax (Hat tip Eurogamer) I shared a fun video of killing Clade with a bomb. Now, many of you may be on the same ship as this scribe, thinking, “But I didn’t have a bomb.” In the follow-up playthrough, it is clearly possible to turn on the power faster in another way.

NS @glaedrax timeline There are also many interesting observations from multiple playthroughs.

It’s great to see this in Dread, as it’s the classic Metroid design that allows speed runners and optimizers to find smart alternative approaches. We encourage the rest of us, and just humans, to experiment with different routes for the second playthrough.

Are you planning to play Dread multiple times to experiment with different routes and tactics? Let us know in the comments!