Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

This “Jumbo” Alkanin Poke Plush is now available for only $ 449.99

image: Pokemon

I’ve seen life-sized Snorlax, Meowth, and even Slowpoke, but now I have a “jumbo” Alkanin Poke plush toy.

It is available from Pokemon Center It’s a whopping $ 449.99 in the US and will ship in the “late” of May 2022. The pre-order is valid and will not be charged to the card until the item is actually shipped.

Here’s a little about it along with some pictures:

“Alkanin is a loyal companion to trainers around the world. It is now appearing in our world as a jumbo poke plush toy that faithfully reproduces fluffy fur, bold stripes and a powerful and gentle look. Or put it on the sofa. Make a big hug or show it as a guardian who constantly monitors your home or office. “

image: Pokemon
image: Pokemon

And here are some additional details, including measurements:

-Height about 27½ inches, width 59 inches
-Jumbo size for jumbo fun!
-Embroidery facial features and foot pads
-Pokemon Center Original

Would you like to fork $ 449 for a stuffed animal like this? Please leave a comment below.