Saturday, July 31st, 2021

This is what can be expected in the direct display of E3’s health benefits

E3 2021 witnessed the grand return of Wholesome Direct, a relatively new display format that debuted last summer. As part of the weekend’s E3 celebration, this comfortable and exciting event organized by Wholesome Games will reappear on our screens on June 12th at 10 am Pacific Standard Time / 7 pm Central European Standard Time.

So, what can we expect to see from the show? Well, although every featured game is unlikely to appear on the Switch, there will be more than 70 “new and upcoming games” in the showcase area.This includes new game reveals, exclusive footage and developer interviews from game manufacturers, such as Ooblets, Paralives, We are OFK, Moonlight Bay.

Direct will be hosted by Jenny Windom (producer of Soft Not Weak), Victoria Tran (community director of Innersloth, the studio behind us) and Derrick Fields (game designer currently working at Onsen Master).This event has been linked to snowman Raise funds and raise awareness for the public International Rescue Committee, An organization that responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and helps refugees survive and rebuild their lives.

This is the complete outline:

-The premiere of Wholesome Direct will be broadcast live Health games on YouTube And United Live Guerrilla group, /Twitch game, Game point,as well as The Guerrilla Group Event Page on Steam June 12th at 10 am Pacific Time (7 pm Central European Time)
-One-hour game showcase, exclusive footage and developer interviews, including more than 70 exciting indie games
-Hosted by Jenny Windom, Organizer of Wholesome Games, Victoria Tran, Community Director of Innsloth, and Derrick Fields, Game Designer
-The Yetee will produce Wholesome Direct products for a limited time, and each product sold to the International Rescue Committee will receive $5.

The E3 calendar has only really begun to take shape now-you can view the full schedule in our handy E3 2021 guide here.

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