Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

The Xbox will soon be able to switch to 360 Gamer Picks for a pure nostalgia

If you’re tired of the big, flashy current generation of gamer picks and have the grace of dating back to the Xbox 360 era, you’re in luck. With Xbox, you can quickly switch to a retro 360 gamer pick and unleash its sweet nostalgia.

Microsoft Engineering Lead Eden Marie On Twitter (below), it was revealed that the Alpha Skip Ahead Insider player will be able to restart the console today due to a new option on the “Change Gamer Pick” screen. It comes in new and old. Due to changes for insiders, this option should be visible to regular users in the not too distant future.

When returning the gamer pick to the corresponding 360, Marie notes a few important points. First, the only option available for older 360 ° images is the last one you set. This not only means that if that’s not what you expected, you might want to prepare for a bit of introspection, but to change it, you’ll need to log in to the 360 ​​console again. carry over.

When setting up a 360 Gamer Pick on the new console, fans may find it to look a little different than the way it remembers. To bring it to the consoles of the current generation, the 360 ​​classic square design is mapped over a translucent bear to ensure consistency with other current gamer picks. Unfortunately, for fans who didn’t originally have a 360 gamer pick, there’s no option to go back and choose one from the catalog of images available at the time.

The news of the change is that Marie is a small square surrounded by a void-like gray circle as a result of advances in the Xbox UI. With 360 gamer picks dating back to 2006, anyone who knows what the Xbox will pull out from the next late 2000s is now firmly back on the battlefield.

For more information on the Xbox Series X, check out this article, which describes an update published to Alpha-Skip Ahead users in August that allowed console dashboards to run at higher resolutions.

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