Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

The transfer of the new world server has been delayed.Transfer between regions is not allowed

Amazon has postponed server forwarding capabilities in New World due to “edge cases where the forwarding experience does not meet the release criteria”. It also states that there will be no server transfers between regions, even though it was previously said to be allowed.

Community manager Tervzor FTW shared news New World Official Forum “We need more time before we can offer everyone a free server transfer token to solve these problems,” the team said.

For those who don’t know, every account gets one free server transfer token that allows you to select a new server in your selected region. However, “The team will continue to monitor the world’s population and queue times and evaluate the need to distribute an additional wave of server forwarding tokens for free.” Tokens will also be available for purchase in the future.

These server transfers are very important for certain New World players. Especially after the server queue lasted for hours after the game became the most played game on Steam in 2021. To help with long wait times, Amazon hasn’t just blocked players from over-packing and creating new characters. We added more of them, not just the servers, and asked players to join the less popular world.

There was a big problem here. Some players decided to join another area for the time being, with plans to return to their area when the problem was resolved.New World Twitter account even said that “Yes, you can move between regions as needed.” Unfortunately, the information shared was incorrect.

so Posting FAQ about server forwarding, “The original information provided is incorrect”, “Transfers are only available within your region, each region is a separate database and you cannot reassign characters to another region” It was confirmed.

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