Friday, September 17th, 2021

The talk show comedian reveals his role in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie

American talk show comedian Sebastian Manisco revealed that he played a role in Illumination’s upcoming Super Mario movie, which is speculated to mark the return of an ancient and relatively minor Nintendo role in the movie.

As a guest of the August 5th edition Burt Custer, A podcast hosted by comedian Bert Kreischer, Maniskako was asked about his plans for the rest of the day, and he replied:

I was in the movie “Super Mario Bros.”, which is an animated movie. So I’m playing, uh, Spike, their boss. So I have to do that at 12 o’clock.

You can watch the clip by yourself YouTube videos of the show archived by Kreischer.

spike? Who is Spike? You may well as @Eponge2L It was quickly pointed out on Twitter that foreman Spike and Mario brothers played the role of destroying the crew, so it is likely that this is the person Maniscalco is referring to:

There is also a Super Mario Bros. The enemy is called Spike, As Bob L’ésponge points out below, although it seems (at least to us) that the foreman is more likely to play a speaking role in the movie than the little green plumber who throws a sharp ball at the camera.

If you have forgotten Wrecking Crew and want to be familiar with this NES/Famicom game, it can be provided as part of the NES library of Nintendo Switch Online. Arcade Archive VS. The Wrecking Crew version is also available for purchase on the Switch eShop, if you can’t get enough’Crew and you really will destroy it.

Foreman Spike, eh? If you believe we will see him return on the big screen, or you think there is another Spike who will play the boss role in the upcoming Mario movie, please let us know below.