Saturday, July 24th, 2021

The Switch OLED trailer shows the adjusted Pokemon Diamond and Pearl lens

It was officially revealed in February this year that the Chibi-style remakes of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are scheduled to be released on Switch on November 19. Although many fans are happy to see these games return on the Switch, it’s fair to say that some Pokémon fans feel a little bit about these games and some of the visual elements of “Pokémon Legend: Arceus” (to be launched in 2022) At a loss.

As the Pokémon master pointed out @乔梅里克 On Twitter (they quoted the opinions of fans, they were worried that what we saw in the reveal trailer showed the quality we saw in the final game), when you compare the initial reveal footage of the game with yesterday’s Switch OLED The model reveals a glimpse seen in the trailer:

As you can see, since the game’s initial release, a lot of changes have been made during this period, including adjustments to lighting, background elements (trees and leaves), textures (see the details added on the backpack), and significant changes to the position of the battle camera .

If you have difficulty finding the difference, @BubblegumFoxxo On Twitter (reply to our own Jon-from-Nintendo-Life-here) Easily changed the viewing angle of the new screen and added another comparative saturation:

It has been several months since the release, so it is natural to see the changes and improvements made throughout the development process.We are very happy to see these millions of sales of games get absolutely top visual effects-Pokémon Sword and Shield is an excellent game, but the technology concert tour This is not the case-we certainly understand the concerns of the fans, they hope to bring the best performance for the team in all aspects.

However, as these subtle improvements show, game development is a long process of improvement until it is released (usually Past Now most games will be released), there is still a long way to go before November.Evidence-based concerns are effective, but the evidence is always pudding The final version.

You can check out the original reveal trailer of the remake below to wake up your memory and compare it with your own Switch OLED reveal trailer: