Sunday, July 25th, 2021

The story of the 1.0.5 season patch is broadcast live in Japan: this is where the change

The Story of Four Seasons: The Pioneer of Olive Town received a lot of criticism for its slow and time-consuming way of doing things when it was released. Fortunately, the developers heard the feedback and promised to provide a huge patch to fix many problems, and more patches will be released later this year.

Patch 1.0.5 is the most important patch. It was launched in Japan last week (not yet launched in the West), bringing a series of changes that are expected to improve game performance, playability, and writing. This is the complete list of changes, As pointed out by the Harvest Moon blog fogu:

  • The Maker machine can now process up to 10 identical items-for example, 50 silver ore can be put into the machine to make 10 silver ingots.The materials cannot be mixed, the output is still one at a time
  • Stuttering and pauses have been improved for a smoother experience
  • Players can now exit the building without pressing A to confirm, although they still need to press A to enter the building
  • Visible love has been added to the dialog of marriage candidates.The fuller the heart, the more the character likes you
  • The tool target frame has been changed. Now you can hold down one of the shoulder buttons to lock the target frame in the four main directions-up, down, left, and right.The target frame will still appear in areas where you cannot use tools, such as Olive Town
  • The food you order at the cafe will now more accurately reflect the meal you choose, rather than always appearing in the form of grilled fish and tea.However, this change did not apply to the meals of the villagers or your spouse‚Äôs meals in the farmhouse
  • Some simple dishes, such as potato salad, can now be cooked in 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes
  • Dialogues and dialogues with villagers have been improved, with slightly more topics than upcoming and past town festivals
  • Silos and silage can now store up to 99 feeds each
  • The gift giving, love confession and marriage proposal changed

In addition to all these changes, there is also a 1.0.6 patch under development, which will increase interest in the Egg Festival and minor bug fixes, and more patches will be released in the future.

To reiterate-this patch has not been launched anywhere except Japan, where the game has been released for a month. Presumably, we will get it sometime in June or early July.

These changes will make you pick up PoOT again, or will you put down your pitchfork forever? Let us know in the comments!