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The story behind Mutazione-Xbox Wire

Mutazione It is an award-winning adventure game loved by fans. It brings the best system, storage and updates to Xbox One. Xbox One will also receive every update we bring to the game. Mutazione There are several different systems running at the same time, so I want to take a moment to understand the design decisions of all the fans!

Story mode

Mutazione The story of the beginning of development:

“A hundred years ago, the Meteor Moon Dragon attacked a tropical resort. Most of the residents were killed, and the surviving residents began to show strange mutations… The rescue mission quickly retreated, while those who remained in the mutated environment A small and isolated Mutazione community was established.

Fast forward to modern life, 15-year-old Kai went to Mutazione to help care for her dying grandfather to recover. But things are not as simple as they seem. Secrets and betrayals circulate beneath the surface of the friendly community; there is also a creepy bird-like figure constantly appearing in Kai’s dream.

They can survive the apocalyptic meteor strike, but can they survive the small town drama? “

By playing MutazioneYou’ll learn about the island’s mysterious past, the ongoing connection between communities, and how to heal the rift that has sprouted since the meteor crash. MutazioneThe overall storytelling emphasizes that Kai is not the protagonist of the story; she is part of it, albeit important.Cornerstone Mutazione It’s the community and its relationship. Instead of focusing on everyone interacting with Kai only, Kai is the only active subject in the narrative. Mutazione Have a drawing thread that always runs between characters.This kind of narrative design helps Mutazione It feels like a real person, a real community with real problems, rather than a checklist of main characters one by one.

The narrative is the main aspect of the game, but it is by no means all content that must be provided.


Garden mode

In the “story” mode, players will learn to collect seeds from plants on the road or moss on the walls, and plant these seeds in special gardens dotted around the community. These gardens will have certain types of soil where you can plant seeds to help these seeds grow and get musical rewards! Each seed corresponds to a musical instrument, so when you sow and grow, you will compose the beautiful melody of environmental songs, intertwined with each other.

For players who just want to focus on gardening, there is a “gardening” mode!

The garden mode is designed to give players the opportunity to experiment in a separate garden, customize or express themselves in other ways, and the garden is not limited to Mutazione. It also adds new seeds that cannot be obtained while playing the game story, and hundreds of new instruments to create unique and beautiful soundscapes. It is also important to make the “garden” mode easy to access. With Cloud Garden, players can collect seeds immediately after loading the game, generate new environmental music, use time controls to play and create a beautiful environmental vision.


Seven gardens

But why not use it at the same time?

For players who like free garden mode but want to play all games in story mode, we hope to provide them with the opportunity to get the best of both worlds. After the player unlocks the garden in story mode, the opponent will unlock it in garden mode. And because the different gardens all over Mutazione have different soil preferences and layouts, it is indeed possible for the performers to express themselves with their own musical compositions. Roof gardens, beach gardens and temple gardens will naturally create completely different songs.

Players are free (and encouraged) to experiment with different seeds in different landscapes, so the seed box is shared among all eight “garden mode” gardens. If the player wants to plant some saplings in the East Garden for the treetop garden, that would be great!


Seed sharing

The last major function implemented is the social function. Mutazione It’s a story about the community, so we need to create a game mechanism that promotes community action. This is seed sharing.

When you accumulate seeds, they may no longer be needed. You can choose to send these seeds to your friends by sending the six-letter code to your friends! To generate the code, go to Seed Sharing and select: Send Seed. Then, select a seed type and the quantity to send, and the game will generate screenshots that you can share. If you want to receive seeds, please select: Receive seeds. Then, enter the code and you will get a postcard with seeds on it, add them to your garden!This kind of seed sharing has nothing to do with the platform, so no matter what platform they use, they can share it with your friends at any time Mutazione on.

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MUTAZIONE is an adventure game in which the juicy personal drama is as important as the high-risk adventure part of the story. When 15-year-old Kai went to the unfamiliar and confidential community Mutazione to take care of her seriously ill grandfather Nonno, he explored the community. Make new friends; plant a music garden; participate in barbecues, band nights and boat trips; and embark on the final spiritual journey to save everyone from the strange darkness at the core.