Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

The second season of Rogue Company starts today

Rogue company The second season begins now!In this season, have a brand new battle pass, new gangsters and more Rogue company Getting ready to be our biggest to date-read on for all the exciting details about the second season update!

Up to now, Rogue Company seems to have always existed outside the scope of legal jurisdiction. All this has changed with the introduction of Mack, Mack is an indomitable Justicar agent who will spare no effort to bring the people he accuses to justice. What happens when an elite security force who thinks that he is above the law conflicts with a person who thinks he is the embodiment of the law?find out Rogue company second season!

Mack’s main tools for law enforcement are “conviction” and “objection”-we are not talking about court manipulation, but about his reliable guns, which can be used to put down repressive fires on the battlefield! If the battle is very close, then Mike is always preparing his huge Clairemore. This powerful sword is a weapon fired from the home of Mike Island, Scotland, and can cause serious damage at close range. Mike is a defender who is good at repelling attacking enemies and is also equipped with his Lightbomb device, which can temporarily blind anyone trapped in the battle team in the explosion!

The second season also launched a brand new Rogue company Battle pass. Ronin’s new Prisoner 625 costume made the headlines of this battle pass during Mack’s imprisonment-she may have been locked, but no one can lock Ronin under the key for a long time! Players who advance through this battle pass will also unlock Golden Absque Lancer, Urban Explorer Gl1tch and Wasteland Scavenger Phantom, as well as dozens of other rewards! Regardless of whether they have unlocked the full battle pass, every player will receive free rewards in the second season-which means you can start diving today and start earning free rewards!

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A new thief is great, but how about a brand new battlefield to test his abilities? Breach is a first-class training facility, succumbing to Jackal’s raid, is brand new Rogue company The map will also make its debut in the second season. Countless stalkers have been trained for deadly missions in this facility, but now their most important mission comes-defend your base when the enemy brings the enemy to your home!

New battle pass. The new hooligan. New map. New event. Rogue company The second season is expected to be Rogue Company’s largest one to date, and you can immediately play it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for free!

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The world needs savings, and only the best can do it! Rogue Company is a third-person tactical shooting game, which puts the fate of the world in your hands. Pretending to be one of the elite agents of Rogue Company, everyone has his own set of skills and participates in various game modes. Download now and play for free! Rogue Company’s actions have no shortage of weapons, gadgets and styles. The task starts now. Save it for a day, look good, get paid.