Image: Book4Games

Not long ago, I actually used the Book4Games SNES cartridge storage case. This is basically a way to safely store loose games in luxurious book-style units.While we were away completely Book4Games has had some success as it has returned with more designs, convinced it is a necessity. This time, Metroid When Zelda series.

This new series is “only for the historic video game series” and Book4Games works “in collaboration with professional illustrators”.The illustrations on these products are courtesy of Portuguese artists. Luiz MelloInspired by retro games, science fiction and pop culture.

Book4Games also releases storage options for Game Boy and Games & Watches. These show the window openings of the magnetic closure flap that can display the game inside.

With the Game Boy Set, you can store up to 24 Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. 12 in the top plastic case and 12 without the bottom case. Book4Games argues that this design choice is based on a study that found that the number of people who wanted to store games with a plastic case was about the same as the number of people who wanted to store them without a plastic case. I am.

The Games & Watchset allows you to save your early “Widescreen” and “New Widescreen” units and is also compatible with the latest “Widescreen” units. Super mario bros. And in the future Zelda Game & watch system. A storage section for the LR44 battery is also included.

Image: Book4Games

In addition, these new products have the ability to improve the SNES case based on customer feedback. “All new Book4Games products ship with a transparent semi-rigid protective PET case,” the press release said. “These cases have two purposes: to protect the game and the box itself, and to hang a display box on the wall like a painting or shadow box to decorate the game room.”

If you’re interested, keep in mind that Book4Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of these products shortly.

You can sign up today on the pre-launch page to be notified as soon as the campaign starts and to receive the Early Bird Bonus on the first day (page details): www.kickstarter.book4games.com

Book4Games states that the purpose of this campaign is to move production and distribution in Europe so that it can reach its customers and become self-reliant.

Price because Book4Games wants to optimize prices to the very end to offer the best possible deal on the launch date in the context of Covid19, where shipping and raw material costs are skyrocketing. Is still undecided.

Would you like to invest in one of these? Please let us know in the comments.