Sunday, September 19th, 2021

The Royal Court of Crusades 3 expansion adds a full 3D throne room

Paradox announced the first full expansion of Crusader Kings 3, and its development direction is quite different from its predecessor. The Royal Court will add a new full-screen throne room where you can display treasures and interact with petitioners from across the kingdom. They also brought back a list of characters from “Crusaders 2: The Friars and Mystics”, including cultural-specific weapons that will be displayed on your characters and used in the anime duel.

Most of the large expansions of Crusader Kings 2 are focused on opening or enriching specific areas. The Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords Flavor Pack, released earlier this year, feels like this kind of expansion. However, the development in a different direction in the first major part of the new content seems to indicate a reliance on the RPG aspect of CK3. Taking your eyes off the map and placing them more on the characters and actual positions in the world is a major departure from Paradox’s usual MO. I think this is the bravest and most interesting they could have taken. Methods.

Kings and emperors with feudal or clan governments will be able to enter the royal courts. The lower dukes and earls and tribal rulers must now have met the requirements for drawing a 2D background. Spending money to increase the wealth of the court will add a new statistic called Grandeur that can impress your vassal and attract figures like Master Smith and famous poets. However, the greater your realm, you are expected to spend more money to maintain your appearance. Being out of date will damage your vassal relationship, marriage prospects and prestige. This will provide a new “tall” gameplay, because a small and wealthy kingdom with a much larger court can bring many benefits.

You can entrust the blacksmith who is attracted to your court to make a special weapon, a crown or a royal sword suit (without armor for the time being). These blacksmiths will enter your new list and can be passed on from generation to generation. However, even the best sword will not maintain its advantage forever. Your great-grandmother’s sword may need to be remade to be useful in battle. Of course, you can retire it and then display it to take advantage of its decorative value.

You will have access to a variety of court types, focusing on matters such as study and diplomacy. Investing in your court will unlock things like a new court office, such as a royal food taster who defends you against a poisoning incident, or a court counselor who can help you learn a new language. But why do you want to do this?

Well, because the free patch provided with Royal Court is transforming the entire cultural system of CK3. Similar to the way religion is constructed in the basic game, culture will now contain a spirit, tradition and pillar. Your spirit, such as belligerent or spiritual, will define the whole theme. Tradition (each culture can contain up to six traditions) is a special reward, such as being good at farming on harsh terrain or allowing women to fight as knights. Pillars define things like the clothes worn by your culture and its heritage (e.g. Latin), which replaces the old concept of cultural groups.

Crusader King 3 Screenshots

DLC owners will get more opportunities to use this system. You will be able to create different cultures, spend prestige to integrate all the above characteristics, and give your new culture a custom name and map culture. Or, if you wish, foreign rulers in remote lands can establish a mixed culture between themselves and the people they now rule, such as Greek-Nordic, Indian-Mongolian, or perhaps some long-standing People, such as Normans. This will allow you to blend the characteristics of the old culture with the new culture, so you can attack the Indus with the Viking warrior monk.

“Crusader Kings 3” released last year with much fanfare. In my review, I called it “the new king of historical strategy, the best aspect of continuous expansion and deepening that makes the predecessors memorable and unique” with a score of 10/10. Paradox launched a small Scandinavian flavor package for Vikings in April, adding many new flavors and flavors to your Scandinavian sailing needs.

We don’t have a release date for the Royal Court or related DLC, but it will coincide with Paradox’s usual release cycle later this year. Be sure to check out our summary of all the breaking news from PDXCon Remixed.