Saturday, June 12th, 2021

The Rise of Slime Review (Switch eShop)

Forget the age of Aquarius (what do you mean, you have done it?)-this is the age of the rogue deck builders. If you like playing cards, procedural generation, dungeon crawling and turn-based combat, and then partner, then you have come to the right place, because Rise of the Slime is all of them.

Yes, if you like “Killing Spire”, “Dice Dungeon”, “Hands of Destiny”, “The King Breaker” and “Nowhere Prophet” and other games, then it is time to add “Rise of Slime” to the deckbuilder store The bucket list is now.By one Latvian Solo Developer, This story revolves around the story of an underslime (underslime?). Or become the king? Is it related to the crown? To be honest, in this story, the story seems very relaxed, but we are not playing a building block game, are we?

The rise of the slime impressed many deck builders and rogue boxes: move from room to room, defeat enemies with different strengths and weaknesses, win cards to enrich your deck, and occasionally find the ones that will increase the gain” Variation” or your running conditions. Moreover, in most cases, cards, game styles, mutations and enemy choices will keep the game in good working order.

At the beginning of each run, you can choose to use poison, firepower or direct use of daggers and shields, just like killing a spire, and each of these categories will provide unique cards for you to take with you. However, no matter what you choose at the beginning, it seems that you can get cards from any class, so you can also mix and match according to your preferences.

An important part of the deck builder works Being able to develop a strategy means being able to view statistics, read the details on the card or explain it quickly to tell you what the hacked enemy means. The rise of “Slimes” drew inspiration from many other similar games, its cards and combat methods-don’t be shameless, don’t need to reinvent a good wheel-but it doesn’t seem to be optimized for Switch.

The most shocking example of the way the rise of the slime is not well suited to the platform is teeeeeny small text. At least when playing in handheld mode-this is ideal for short-lived playback, if we don’t have to place our face an inch from the screen, the text is the smallest possible font size. There are many other minor text offenders on Switch, but if this font is small, it can only be read by a lawyer. It works better on a large screen, but even then, there is still a lot of white text on a light gray background, and the use of fonts is not always easy to read.

one left a lot of The text in the game. Each card, plus information about the enemy, and even many menu options, are presented in this clumsy text, just as if you accidentally chose the “optometrist mode” at the beginning. Our second nitpick will also make the situation worse, because “The Rise of Slime” is clearly intended to be played on the touch screen-this means that when you try to read small text, the big sausage fingers will get in the way Your learning, this is just another obstacle to deal with.

Now, we try to use the controller to play “The Rise of Slime”, but the game keeps switching between the joystick and D-pad to move and select, and we need to select again, determine the target and select each card again , Even the “End” card.Turn to “One. Also, it is difficult to figure out some of the control measures, such as checking the enemy’s status or opening the card package. To say the least, it is annoying, and the touch screen controls a lot of More accessible and easy to use.

But the Switch’s touch screen is fickle. We often find ourselves touching the card to read it, just playing it accidentally, wasting our limited energy. Likewise, the movement mechanism means that you can only move two spaces at a time, and if you accidentally tap the wrong location, you cannot undo it. you will. a lot of.

In addition to some sticky, lightweight controls and neat text, “The Rise of Slime” can also make it look beautiful. The meta game of which cards you want to use in the deck is almost as compelling as the game in Killing Spire, although it is more limited. In addition, we fought many battles and succeeded through some sneaky strategies, which is always interesting. There is no persistence in the game; some rogues will allow you to use currency to upgrade yourself permanently, such as Hades’s Mirror mechanic, but “The Rise of Slime” will start from scratch every time.In this way, it has more or one traditional Rogue taste, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will like it.

The artwork is very good, deep in layers, with some charming details, such as Slime composing music while walking, and all the characters are cardboard cutouts on sticks. Writing is useful enough, but if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like seeing spelling mistakes in the finished game, there may be many typos. But there are still some balance problems, and some downright dazzling failures, just like when we spent all the money to upgrade to the next run, only to find that it did not consider for some reasons, we only hope to lose 4000 gold is useless. The developers have promised to provide updates and support, so this issue may be resolved at some point, but for us, it’s too late.

It’s worth mentioning that “The Rise of the Slime” is a very short game-we finished a run only a few hours later, it seems we want to run again, but with stronger enemies, or Switch between “challenge” modes (continuous operation with difficulty curve), “short distance operation” (more casual, faster operation is easier) or “old path” (means longer but easier).

Therefore, it is certain that “The Rise of the Slime” will not destroy your deck maker’s socks. This is not to eliminate the minaret, but it is not entirely an attempt-it seems to want to provide a popular, rogue, builder, deck, etc. genre that is more casual, cuter, and more attractive. If possible, let Diet eliminate the spire. Unfortunately, the playback effect in Pocket PC mode is not good, unless you really like to use the touch screen, the combination of controls, and gradually lose your eyesight, but for relaxed and pleasant, low-risk underground projects, this is a very good one Dim Sum.