Sunday, June 13th, 2021

The “retired” sonic voice actor announces his return to the stage

Well, this is unexpected! Following yesterday’s moving trailer that announced yesterday’s 30th anniversary Sonic music stream that will be broadcast tomorrow, it seems that the former voice actor (in the game) of this character is returning to use his vocal talent for Hedgehog’s upcoming game Project.

Roger Craig Smith (Roger Craig Smith) put on red sneakers again may be a surprising thing, because he only announced his withdrawal from the series in January this year. The performer has a lot of video game points and does not seem to lack job opportunities, but he retired only ten years after vocalizing everyone’s favorite blue video game character (yes, that, “Rockman”! ) And some fans were surprised by the news.

Provided VO for yesterday’s trailer (seriously, if you haven’t watched it, and you have the slightest nostalgia for Sega’s fast mascot, ready to be hit directly by the feeling), the voice actor broke the news that he is in The surprise on Twitter came back with a picture of a broken blue heart on his body, all stitched together and patched:

The reason for the initial departure has never been officially confirmed. He has already expressed his gratitude to the supporters for their support. There are rumors that Sega is negotiating with the Sonic voice actors of the Dreamcast era to discuss potential returns, although it seems that this is no longer feasible. Unless we are attending the meta-universe meeting of all supersonic meetings back in time, maybe? …

Let us not surpass ourselves! Tomorrow we will definitely receive the answer about the fastest thing in the Sega store-be sure to check the video stream, tomorrow tomorrow at 9 AM (Pacific Time) / 12 PM (US Eastern Time) / 5 PM (European Standard Time) / 6 pm (Central European Time) live with us.

Didn’t his bench work? Has it always been this plan? Let us know what you think about the unexpected return of RCS as Sonic.