Monday, September 20th, 2021

The Rainbow Six Siege and Siege incident adds a PVP mode of parasite infection

Here comes the chimera parasite Rainbow Six Siege On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from August 3rd to August 24th, the new PvP mode debuted as part of a limited-time containment event inspired by the upcoming Rainbow Six ExtractionIn the Nest Destruction mode, a group of attackers from REACT—Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team—will face a group of defenders corrupted by parasites. Winning 10 rounds in Nest Destruction between August 17th and August 24th will unlock the free Nomad Hive Mind setting.

With the redo version of the Consulate map covered by Chimera as the background, Nest Destruction is a two-layered scene where the task is to destroy a Chimera Nest by a selected group of attackers-equipped with standard equipment and no modifiers, and then solve the final, End of round goal. Opposite them is a group of defenders who have been turned into Primordial creatures by parasites. They move faster than ordinary operators and have higher health, but they can only use melee attacks (as well as Aluni’s heavy punches and Antelope’s Rema Sprint). In addition, any team can achieve victory by completely eliminating opponents.

Rainbow Six Siege

Containment activities also included 33 new operator decorations, including headwear, uniforms, and weapon skins for IQ, Ace, Blackbeard, Amaru, Zero, Aruni, Jager Kaid, Mira, and Warden. They can be purchased as a bundle with 1,680 R6 points in the in-game store, or in containment packages for 300 R6 points or 12,500 prestige.If you haven’t started playing Rainbow Six Siege However, you can buy it at a discount of up to 55% from August 10th to August 23rd.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Extraction Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will be launched in January 2022. Although the containment incident does not reflect its PvE gameplay, it does provide players with the atmosphere to wait for players when REACT takes action on Chimera. So jump in Rainbow Six Siege Before August 24, choose your favorite operator and prepare to clear or protect some of the nests.

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