Sunday, July 25th, 2021

The QA department of Evil Village really didn’t like the battle of the game at first.

Capcom’s “Resident Evil Village” was launched earlier this month and has broken records on Steam. But according to the video posted on the YouTube account of “Resident Evil”, the game’s combat effectiveness in the development process is far from enough. The video “”Resident Evil Village Construction-Internal Struggle”” shows how the development team worked hard to integrate the game into the market. It is stated that everyone is satisfied with the impact of COVID-19 on development and the impact it has had.Director Morimasa Sato said, “Due to the self-isolation caused by COVID-19, the development of Capcom has completely stopped” and the entire Village’s work has been interrupted for a full month. After returning to the office, after a month of reflection, the whole team agreed that “they need to solve the game problem.”

When the team shared the demo version of the game with a group of focused players, they noticed that “the enemy is very aggressive, but the players find that they don’t need to work harder in the game.”

He shared these concerns with Sutaro Kobayashi, the quality assurance manager, and stated that he “has a very strong negative reaction” and that “the content of the game is completely separated from the ideas of the development team.”The player’s reaction indicated that there were “too many enemies, and they were too aggressive”, but the ammunition was not enough to defend themselves. Project manager Tatsuo Isoko described playing games as a “real obstacle.” However, despite the criticism, Sato “found that Capcom developers did a good job of listening.”

The team hopes that the theme of the game is “struggle for survival”, but in the game test, it seems that they prefer to fight for the enjoyment of the game. Integrating quality assurance and development teams seems to be the solution, because developers directly hear testers’ concerns.

As Sato reveals, the solution is not to “make players panic just by throwing aggressive monsters at them, (on the contrary) we make them paranoid about whether and how they are attacked. Then, when the enemy appears, it changes It’s ruthless.”Whether you like “Resident Evil Village” or not, this video is definitely worth watching to watch behind-the-scenes footage of one of the biggest games of the year. In other Capcom news, the company has set a record for the fourth consecutive year, Monster Hunter World has sold more than 17 million units, and the film director accused Capcom of stealing the monster design of Resident Evil Village.

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