Saturday, October 16th, 2021

The project triangle strategy will be “fine-tuned” prior to the March release

Square Enix’s upcoming tactical RPG, the Project Triangle Strategy, will finally hit Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022, early next year.

In today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, it was announced that Square Enix and developer ArtDink are working on “fine-tuning” the game based on feedback from a survey conducted in February with a free demo of the game. ..

These updates include difficulty adjustments, on-screen visual improvements such as UI and camera controls, the ability to review previous dialogs, and streamlined game flow and load times.

Launched earlier this year, Project Triangle Strategy is a turn-based tactical RPG with the same visual style as Octopath Traveler. It follows the story of a conflict between three nations and their aftermath, where a group of heroes travel the world and engage in different battles in different terrains where altitude plays a tactical role. Choice-based gameplay also influences the story, and decisions depend on practicality, morality, and freedom.

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