Sunday, September 19th, 2021

The problem of error 2123-1502 after switching users to report system update problems

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Earlier this week, Nintendo released a firmware update for the Switch, providing “general system stability improvements to enhance user experience.” Then, seemingly for the first time, problems arose, and Nintendo suspended the launch and finally restarted the release a few days later.

Nintendo stated that the initial issue was related to connection issues and issues when adding a new microSD card. However, even though Nintendo updated the version, some users still encountered problems with the 12.0.3 version, and errors 2123-1502 appeared because they tried to download the game or failed to update.

We noticed that there are a surprising number of users in the forum posts on this site, and some users are trying to download games left Lengthy Reddit post Switch owners who are full of problems and share potential fixes.

For those with significant and persistent problems, it’s certainly worthwhile to contact Nintendo’s customer service department for help, and some people are Point to this page The process of trying.Some people also report that when the download cannot be processed, they just continue to select “Retry Download” and then finally works.

It should be noted that this seems to affect the unfortunate few people, but this is not an ideal look for Nintendo-Nintendo’s firmware updates are usually very reliable for many years.

Have you encountered this problem since Nintendo released a fixed firmware update? Let us know in the comments.