Monday, May 23rd, 2022

The Pope has just seen the circus appear in music from Undertale

Perhaps one of the more ridiculous stories that began in early 2022, the Pope saw the circus playing to Undertale’s music.

Fans found on Twitter (and Gamer), The Pope seems to have begun the New Year in the right way, seeing a group of circus performers on display to the sound of Undertale’s “Megalovania”.

In context, every week Pope Francis holds a general audience. The Pope, often attended by groups of pilgrims, uses this event to congratulate people in different languages ​​and sometimes invite performers to entertain guests. These performances vary and come in many varieties, but the latest performances featured a slightly attractive display by a group of circus performers who ran routines from Undertale to backing up the Sans theme.

As you can see in the tweet above, the whole thing is a little jarring. Rotate a large baton between your feet between performers juggling objects in different ways, short trips with a red-clad unicycle, and members of a group placed upside down in a chair. Attract the attention of the audience.

But among the large gatherings of circus performers who stood awkwardly in the background, a rather dull-looking audience, and the pope’s harsh-looking Swiss guards stationed nearby, the whole thing is a pretty unusual way. Will be together.

He rarely completes Undertale, but technically, the idea that the Pope launches the game isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. In 2016, YouTuber Matt Pat met his sacredness and gave him a copy of the game during their interaction. So it’s likely that this isn’t the case, but perhaps the backing music was chosen by Pope Francis himself.

Jared Moore is a freelance writer for IGN.You can follow him twitter..