Prior to the launch of Pokemon Unite for mobile devices today, Pokemon Company has updated the game with a variety of new features in addition to cross-play.

Pokemon Unite has already added many playable Pokemon since the release of Nintendo Switch in July.But as MOBA made its long-awaited debut on mobile devices, the Pokemon Company announced the features of its new update. Website We’ll also be using Twitter to showcase new gameplay clips for our upcoming debuts, Mamoswine and Sylveon.

As of today, the move to mobile with MOBA also introduces cross-play, allowing Unite fans to compete across multiple platforms. Up-and-coming trainers will be able to link accounts between devices. This means that even if the switch’s battery power is inevitably turned off, a reliable smartphone is always there and can continue to make progress.

Pokemon Unite also features many new in-game events that give fans the opportunity to get Super Item Enhancers. Similar to standard item enhancers, but much rarer, they allow players to upgrade pending items directly to level 30. This can defeat some of the game’s microtransaction-driven grinds.

Concerned that the pay-to-win nature of the game has been questioned since its release, the publisher also said, “To level the arena of all trainers, whether or not they are held. We are developing a new play mode designed. ” Item grade. “

The new season of Pokemon Unite also includes a new space-themed Battle Pass called Galactic Ghost 094 and the addition of a Unite squad. According to Pokemon’s company, through Unite Squads, players can team up with other like-minded individuals who want to approach the game in a similar way, using tags based on their tastes in their playstyle. .. Whether you’re destined to be great or want to enjoy the game at a casual pace, joining with like-minded players is a breeze in-game.

All users who played the mobile version of Pokemon Unite before October 31st, as more than 5 million trainers have pre-registered for the mobile version of the game (3 cheers for any milestone) Receives a Pikachu Unite license (which is an in-game character), comes with special holoware for everyone’s favorite little yellow companion, and 1,000 Aeos tickets that can be redeemed for in-game items. Mobile users can also unlock Zeroara’s license as a launch bonus by winning a total of 32 battles in the game.

For more information on Pokemon Unite, check out the 6/10 game review called “Interesting MOBAs constrained by excessive commitment to simplicity.”

Jared Moore is a freelance writer for IGN.You can follow him twitter..