Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

The Pokemon company wants to see your pet, and is trying to get a prize

Celebrating the next release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls, the Pokemon Company has launched a real Pokemon contest – For your pet..

The Pokemon Presents Super Pet Contest follows the official diamond and pearl contest event, allowing fans to submit their pet photos in three categories: smart, cute and cool. If you have a pet with what you need, your entry will be accepted until 8am GMT on November 9th, but you must be from the UK, France, Germany, or the United States to participate. I have.

For details and application form, please see Pokemon websiteThe event will be judged by US star Michelle Visage, and prize-winning works will be presented with prizes such as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl On Switch, Switch Lights and Plush Toys.

Celebrity judge Michelle Visage chooses the lucky winner. (image: @Pokemon).

Are you sure that you want to participate? In that case, please attend the Winners Ceremony on the official Pokemon YouTube channel on November 16th.