Thanks to the Limited Run game, a new physical release, including four games from the Asdivine series, will be directed to Switch and pre-orders will be released today.

Appropriate name Asdivine collection, Releases include Asdivine Hearts, Asdivine Hearts II, Asdivine Dios, Asdivine Menace. The best news is that all four RPGs are included in the cartridge. This means you don’t have to download half of the pack’s content to your SD card like you would with any other physical collection.

If you want to get a copy, be sure Limited Run website Today is 7am Pacific Standard Time / 10am Eastern Standard Time / 4pm Central European Summer Time. It costs $ 49.99 and pre-orders are accepted until Sunday, November 11th.


Would you like to leave yourself to this new physical release? Please tell me in the usual place.