Saturday, June 12th, 2021

The perfect Metascore?We play the Switch game “Better Than Zelda: Breath of the Wild”-Feature

This will require some explanation.

In 2012, Japan launched a game called “Fata Morgana’s House” for the first time. The game eventually introduced it to more platforms, including iOS, PS4 and 3DS, but it wasn’t until 2016 that Western audiences were able to play it. Then, just last month, it finally came to Nintendo Switch and was received there. extremely Excellent.

In fact, it is so good, it is the first game to get a perfect score of 100 on Metacritic. That’s why I am here.

Full marks?

In the first chapter, I spent a lot of time hoping that Nellie would die.I am sorry
In the first chapter, I spent a lot of time hoping that Nellie would die.I am sorry

In the past month and a half, I have noticed from time to time that people are promoting “Fata Morgana House” reviews to us.We will not review all games because there is no that Many of us, sometimes we have to sleep, but “people Really “I like this game” and “Scroll up, scroll up and see games with higher ratings than wild animals” naturally aroused my interest.

After playing for a few hours, I realized that this game might require more explanation than a simple 1000-word comment. I asked the editors if I could still write a diary to get all of my stuff. feelings Through. They say yes again for some reason. I think they trust me too much.

At that time, until then, how long I looked up at the game. Thirty to fifty hours, the estimate has been read. Do you think I am made of time? I do not have time! However, Fata Morgana’s house is. What a great transition.

Anyone who is reading this book may already know “Fata Morgana’s House”, because the fan base of this game really likes “Fata Morgana’s House”, you may be very happy to see someone write this article. Nevertheless, to tell you this is my journalistic responsibility.

Three breaths

I am a bee!  !  !
I am a bee! ! !

Before launch, “Fata Morgana’s House” was a game I knew nothing about. Maybe that is the best way to play. My cursory research-because I don’t want spoilers-told me that it was a visual novel, located in a weird cursed mansion. Key Art told me that it was starred by a black-haired, black-haired lady, a black-haired lady with white hair, and a hand. Some kind.Scroll down quickly and undisturbed to the huge Wikipedia page and tell me whoever Wikipedia page They have too much time on their hands.

Therefore, I entered the world of “Fata Morgana’s House”, looking forward to… I really don’t know. Romantic? Ghost story? Pale woman? hand?So far, I have played for five to ten hours, but I still don’t have Really Determine the content of the game-or tell the truth, What makes it a 10/10 game.

But I am not disappointed. Not at all. For a long time, I didn’t think I was so interested in it, excited and completely confused. So far, I have at least three moments for me to gasp loudly, and at least one moment for me to swear loudly.For those who know: panting is related to wigs; the other three moments involve blood, curses, And a painting. For those who don’t know: Doesn’t this sound exciting? !

Fulfill the legend

The artwork is cute and there must be many
The artwork is cute and there must be many

I really don’t want to oversell this game because part of the fun I get now comes from my own do not know How is this going.There is an element of time travel, which means that the plot is constantly changing, and my main character is amnesia, so I don’t even know who I am, where I’m from or what’s happening, or even in game.

Part of the happiness I get from it now is because I have do not know Where is this going

I’m almost certain there will be some incredible twists, because in the two different stories I’ve played, there have been at least four twists, but I hope this twist will be mechanical, not just one A mechanical turn. One of the narratives.

However, this is the truth: I have been playing for a few hours, A choice. It was correct at the beginning, I was asked to decide whether to say good morning to the maid. For the record, I did say good morning, but I don’t think it makes much difference. So far, the rest of the game is in an auto-playing state, such as a book being read and beautiful pictures.

I hope “Fata Morgana’s House” can realize my current feelings and make this game miraculously become so brilliant that it has changed my life.I only gave a 10/10, that is for Kalimba, This is an exclusive Xbox One game launched by a now-defunct studio (I insist that the game is great), so it will take a lot of time to win me.but I miss you In order to win, it takes a lot of time to convince me that this is not an excellent game.

Spoiler time…

Oh no, this is a bee!  !  !
Oh no, this is a bee! ! !

If you read deeply in my first Fata Morgana diary entry, then you might be ready Spoiler. So far, I have been very clear-but it is difficult to write more entries (yes, I force my editor to write multiple diary entries and comments) without telling you the story.

Let me tell you what happened so far.

I wake up and can’t remember who or what I am. I don’t seem to have a name. Although I have walked through a mirror, I have not seen myself. My only companion is a strange and creepy maid, and she is currently showing me my house, which is a big dilapidated mansion. But there is a turning point: the door of the building can sometimes give a glimpse of the past.

The first door brings us into a story. The story takes place in 1603. The story involves the eldest son of a noble family, Mel and his sister Nellie. When a mysterious but super hot girl appeared one night, Mel fell in love, so you can forgive me for thinking that Fata Morgana’s story might be related to Mel and the “white-haired girl”.

Do not! The story lasted for a while, nothing happened, and then quickly detoured and went straight to incest. I hope I am joking or exaggerating! I’m not! There is a lot of incest! I spent a full 15 minutes yelling “What the FUNK”, except that I was obviously not saying “funk”.

I hope you like
I hope you like “Craving” because this game sets the “distortion” knob to 11

In the end, I think about four hours of that story (of which only the last 30 minutes was incest), the maid took me to another room and another chapter. This is half of what I am currently researching. So far, there is no incest-touchable wood.

It’s like talking to a cute but adorable toddler who doesn’t want to reveal where she hid the mummy’s passport.

This story is about a “beast” called Bestia. He wants to learn how to love, but he does like to eat people. This is a problem that we can all solve. But guess who will appear at one of his cannibal banquets? Earlier white-haired girl! ! But how is it possible? Is she over 100 years old?

…I do not know. I spent a lot of time frowning on my eyebrows, patiently explaining that I don’t know the answer. This is a problem caused by my confused partner (he only saw part of it, so he thought he lacked some background knowledge). The maid who told all these stories just said things like “teehee, I think you will find out” and “hehehe, maybe you will remember”. It’s like talking to a cute but y toddler who doesn’t want to reveal where she hid the mummy’s passport.

Verdicts so far

To be honest, I took this screenshot because art makes me laugh. Why are his eyes so big?
To be honest, I took this screenshot because art makes me laugh. Why are his eyes so big?

However, as far as I know.Up to now, it feels like someone who just finished reading all of my content game of Thrones, And then told the story of “Resident Evil”, except that one of the characters is Jon Snow (Jon Snow).I don’t know what it means i don’t know anything I like it.

But is Fata Morgana’s house better than wild breath? Well, this seems to be a comparison of apples and oranges, and I don’t know. After all, this is only the first part of the diary, but I am not sure if I can get the answer. The game changes its content and its meaning every few hours. Although it may accumulate to A Point, I can’t even start to guess what it is. The wild breath is full of pleasant, surprising and unexpected moments; House In Fata Morgana is a constantly changing and transparent WTF. Since…well, since Breath of the Wild, I’ve never been excited about it again.

I think we will find the answer together. I’ll adjust it next week.