Saturday, July 24th, 2021

The next set of Lego Mario just leaked on Amazon, this one is a big shot

The next major version of the Lego Mario series seems to have been leaked online, let us know its contents as early as possible before the official release. If you don’t want the surprise to be spoiled, now is your last chance to look away!

A kind Pages now deleted Amazon Australia announced the Lego Super Mario Bowser’s airship, which is a fairly large-scale reconstruction of Bowser’s iconic vehicle. It consists of 1,152 pieces in total and is 14 inches long; you can display it in a standard airship posture, or you can expand it into a longer stage design (thanks, VGC).

As mentioned above, the Amazon listing has been taken down, but this has not stopped people on Twitter from crawling and reposting all the pictures:

The airship is an expansion kit designed to be used with your LEGO Mario or LEGO Luigi figurines and introductory courses-the LEGO Mario in the picture will not be do However, they include Magikoopa, Pirate Goomba, and Mole-like Rocky Wrench.

It was also revealed recently that another ten character packs will be launched soon.

Do you like this look? When it officially debuts, will you add it to your collection? Tell us through the comments.

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