Monday, May 23rd, 2022

The new ZenGrip Pro for Nintendo Switch OLED may be worth a look

Since the introduction of Switch OLED last year, various third-party companies have been busy developing new accessories.

Some are brand new products, while others have been updated to match the dimensions of Nintendo’s new model system. With this in mind, accessory company Satisfye launched a new Switch OLED grip at the end of last year, which seems to have received a great deal of praise from players with over 1,000 reviews (and most of them). Is popular).

With the 3rd generation ZenGrip Pro, players can hold a new model of switch just like a regular game controller. There are grips on the left and right sides. There are legs between the grips that allow the system to be placed upright on a flat surface.

“The new 3rd Generation ZenGrip Pro works with the new OLED switch and the original switch. It includes patent-pending True Free Float technology to keep the switch intact and improve airflow to improve the console. It’s cool and fast. Additional parts for mods, tools, and console configurations. ZenGripProGen3 magically fits both consoles perfectly. “

This grip is also compatible with the original model switch and can be reverted to $ 29.99 or a regional equivalent. Satisfye has partnered with YouTuber Wood “BeatEmUps” Hawker to promote a special limited edition of this product.

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