Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

The new world is blocking players from creating new characters on overloaded servers

Amazon Games New World is continuing its efforts to reduce the queue time for very popular games, and is beginning to prevent players from creating new characters on the full server.

With the update of twitter, MMO developers have announced that they have created a new system to help them manage server capacity better in the future.

“When the server is full, the server is grayed out with the message“ Character creation is temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation, ”says Amazon Games. This change limits the servers new players to the game can join, but the studio has confirmed that the system does not affect existing characters on the server and allows them to log in. As usual.

Those who want to participate in the game can check the server of New World, which is currently the capacity of the game. Server status page.. The studio closed the post by thanking the fans for their “patience and understanding” as they promised to continue striving to provide the best experience for their players.

Since its launch, Amazon Games has been fighting server capacity issues throughout the New World. Last week, the studio said there was more to do, even though the game’s server capacity had doubled. At that point, the studio’s strategy for redistributing new players throughout the game took place during an update requiring new players to join a quiet server while continuing to work on the issue.

The studio’s decision to automatically prevent players from joining overcrowded servers will occur as the game continues to grow in popularity. Last week, New World became Steam’s most played 2021 game, slightly surpassing Valheim’s previous record of about 500,000 simultaneous players.But according to Steam DBYesterday, when 913,634 players jumped into the MMO, New World once again broke through the highest number of players ever.

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