Monday, May 23rd, 2022

The new world community challenges developers to play their own end games-and developers have been accepted

Several New World players dissatisfied with MMO end games stream running Myrkguard chests and portal runs to show Amazon Game Studios developers that they are actually playing the game. Issued a challenge to do.

As reported by GameSpot, New World players have started this Petition Recent changes have made high-level elite zones much more difficult than before. They wanted Amazon Games Studios to perform this run and show them a viable way to complete this daunting task.

To the surprise of the community, Amazon embraced their challenge and Posted 55 Minutes “New World-Myrkgard Dev Run” This shows that 10 developers, including game director Scot Lane, are doing the requested execution.

Initially, the developers admitted that they weren’t as powerful as some of the most enthusiastic players in the new world, but they were still ready to take the risk. When these developers try to get over it, a bit of hilarious confusion arises, sharing tips such as “keeping the tank, bad things happening” and “sometimes surrender is the best option”. Did.

And the surrender they did. After a good fight with some of their teammates who attracted too many enemies and some playful jabs, they called it quit.

This move has been successful in the New World community, showing that the Amazon Game Studios team is listening to the players and is willing to do what they can to make the New World the best.This gesture became even more positive when they released One and a half hours developer update video Addressed other issues that are currently unresolved.

For more information, see the last New World review, a conversation between Amazon Game Studios and IGN about the chaotic months of the first few months of the MMO, and the specific game that is stealing unstoppable gold. Find out how you were dealing with the governor.

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