Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

The new Windjammers 2 trailer introduces two characters and lots of cool moves

Windjammer 2 The long-awaited release coming from Dotemu soon.. After a good re-release of the original game, many are planning a multiplayer gathering with the prospect of a brand new entry with a properly modern visual overhaul.

Dotemu has released a new trailer that introduces Sammo Ho and the returning Jordi Costa. These explanations are given below.

Meet Sammy Ho, a gardener from China and an up-and-coming star athlete. Sammy’s midrange agility and powerful throws make him a dangerous rival, and his special moves lead the ferocious dragon’s energy into a ferocious shot towards the goal. Return candidate Jordi Costa is also returning the slide and powerful force across the court to action.

The trailer also makes sense to announce Xbox Game Pass games on consoles and PCs, but there is no suggestion that they will appear on these platforms sooner than other platforms like Switch.It seems that it is still targeting 2021, but obviously tight For the game to get it done-hopefully it’s not far away.

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