A new model of PlayStation 5 is in production, but reports show that the revised model does not perform as well as the launch version.

according to Digital foundryThe new CFI-1100 model, which I had the opportunity to test the machine, is no meaningful difference from the release version of the CFI-1000.

Sony has made some changes to the new PS5’s cooling system, but some were worried that the new system might overheat.But in the thermal test processed by Gamers NexusIn newer systems, the temperature may be lower or higher, but it will always differ by only a few degrees. Also, in all tests running the software on the two versions of PS5, the system worked essentially the same.

From a hardware perspective, the system has the same dimensions and is about 300 grams lighter than the launch model. In addition, the stand has been slightly improved so that it can be easily installed by hand without using a screwdriver or coins.

So, in the most basic terms, if you’re worried that the new PS5 is already discontinuing the boot model, or if you’re worried that changing the heatsink will make the new PS5 worse, you need to worry. There seems to be no. The biggest concern with PS5 hardware is that it’s still available.

Elsewhere, the PS5 has just received a major software update, allowing users to eventually expand the console’s internal storage.

Editor’s Note: This article credits the hot part of the testing process Gamers Nexus..

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