Monday, November 29th, 2021

The new Deathloop patch adds some highly requested functionality

The second big update of Deathloop is here Patch notes It shows that it addresses some of the player’s greatest concerns. This update focuses on enemy AI, UI issues, audio, and other elements.

One of the biggest changes is that Juliana will win if the Colt player drops out of the game. This change will surely make Deathloop multiplayer fans happy. Previously, Colt players bouncing from multiplayer sessions could mean a lot of wasted time for Juliana players with little or no rewards.

A Colt player waiting for Juliana is also like a slap on his wrist. When the Colt player hides in a tunnel connecting each area of ​​the map of Deathloop, they are automatically pinged and the tunnel door opens, making it easier for Juliana players to eliminate them. Antennas that must be hacked for Colt to escape also take some time to hack. Bethesda states that AI-controlled Juliana is “more responsive” to Colt’s actions, but doesn’t explain how.

The behavior of enemy NPCs has also been dramatically improved. NPCs can react to bullets in their heads, hear better, and react quickly to footsteps when another NPC is assassinated nearby.

Accessibility changes include remapping of added controllers, flipping left and right sticks, larger UI buttons and text in menus, and a larger selectable menu area.

The complete patch notes are below.

  • NPCs now react to bullets passing nearby, such as missing headshots.
  • NPCs now react when another NPC is assassinated nearby
  • NPCs now hear better near footsteps and react faster
  • If the player is too close, the firing NPC will no longer move to steal the cover.
  • NPCs can now guess the direction in which a grenade was thrown
  • NPCs no longer stop trying to kill Colt when Juliana uses the Nexus to link Colt
  • NPCs are no longer almost invincible when aerial assassinations are interrupted
  • Numerous other minor fixes and improvements to NPC behavior, reactions, paths, and placements
  • Charlie Montague no longer gets caught on the floor or ground when kicked while using the shift

Quality of life / accessibility

  • Added controller remapping and left / right stick inversion
  • The UI buttons and text in the options menu are larger, and the selectable area is also larger.
  • [PS5] Added field of view and motion blur options. We will continue to listen to community feedback and further explore quality of life and accessibility options for future updates.


  • When Colt drops a game, it now counts as a player-controlled Juliana victory.
  • AI-controlled Juliana now responds to Colt’s actions
  • Antennas that Colt must hack to escape will take some time to hack
  • AFK player is tagged
  • Colt players who stay long in the Colt tunnel are automatically tagged and the tunnel door opens.
  • You are more likely to break into a player on your friends list when playing in “online mode”
  • Strellac Sapper Charges thrown by NPCs attacked by Juliana no longer create false Colt tags for Juliana.
  • Players now correctly hear voice responses from enemy players during melee attacks
  • Strelak Sapper Charges will now stick to Juliana like any other NPC

User interface

  • UI is now clearer regarding residual loss at death
  • Improved appearance of weapons and other items in the loadout UI
  • The UI HUD now properly displays the updates made to key bindings and controls.
  • The game now pauses completely during the game over splash screen
  • Melee attacks are now correctly labeled during the controller’s weapon cycle (Y)
  • When aiming down, the crosshairs no longer disappear while the player is close enough to the NPC to perform the assassination.
  • The Heritage Gun Reticle shows increased scatter from the benefits of the Scatter Gun.
  • [PC] Players are no longer prompted to confirm changes in visual settings if nothing has changed
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that caused the mouse wheel to become overly sensitive when zooming in or out to show weapons in the loadout UI


  • Duplicate slab upgrades are now converted to harvestable Residuum objects
  • In Carl’s Bay, Harriet and her cult followers can no longer shoot Colt through a closed security door to the office.
  • Also, in Carl’s Bay, certain windows in Hangar 2 have been restored to their intended functionality.
  • Strelak Sapper Charges can no longer be thrown in a way that allows players to clip doors and other surfaces.
  • Kicking the Strelak Sapper Charge while “cooking” no longer causes the Charge to explode or the subsequent Charge to disappear when thrown.
  • Turret placement is no longer available as a way to allow players to clip doors and other surfaces.
  • Hackable antennas now provide clearer audiovisual feedback on hacked status
  • Fixed an issue where Colt could have two guns in the same hand or one gun in his left hand instead of his right hand after Ripley’s.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the weapon from reloading further if the player switched to the same ammo type during reload and then switched to the original weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hackamajig might not automatically equip an empty hand when first picked up
  • Fixed an issue where players could use shift slabs to reach shelves, trigger vault actions, and get stuck in ledge instead of vault.
  • Fixed a case where 2-bit interaction did not work as intended
  • Fixed an issue where some hackable doors would not open if kicked during hacking
  • Multiple turrets can no longer occupy the same space
  • Fixed an issue where Fia’s big bun card door could trap the player when closing the player

Graphics / audio

  • Fixed an issue where players could unequip a machete during an assassination animation
  • Fixed some issues with FSR integration and improved the overall implementation.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to disarm guns that were jammed during the dejamming animation.
  • Fixed bugs related to DLSS and raytracing graphics options, including bugs that could cause a crash
  • Fixed a number of minor visual glitches, including those related to indirect lighting
  • Fixed or improved numerous audio details and timings, including some improved narration lines
  • Overall audio mixing improvements
  • Fixed an issue that could cause graphic glitches if the sensor closes and opens the door at the same time
  • If the turret battery is destroyed, the turret indicator light will no longer work
  • Field narifier hostile / friendly indicator lights now match turret indicator lights
  • Fixed an issue where deactivated turrets would sound unfolded when thrown or dropped
  • Fixed an issue that rarely caused closed doors to appear to be open

Achievements / Trophy and Special Skills

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Julianna to be rewarded with duplicate jewelry
  • Fixed an issue that prevented “Ensemble Tragedy” achievements from being properly rewarded
  • Fixed an issue where Juliana couldn’t get the double vision feat if he killed Colt by assassination while impersonating a visionary.
  • Fixed an issue where Juliana players could still acquire Sorceress feats even when weapons were used.
  • Fixed an issue that counted Colt’s own deaths from Juliana’s shootings towards the achievement of “Don’t Mind Me”


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash while using Strelak Verso
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash if Colt died as soon as the movie started
  • Fixed an issue that rarely caused the game to become unresponsive when exiting the journal
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that could cause the game to become unresponsive when remapping controls from keyboard to controller and vice versa

Connection related

  • Juliana Fixed an issue where the first weapon could be dropped when the player picked up multiple weapons at once
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the mission result screen and progress to be skipped if Juliana successfully interrupted the loop as a Colt, monitored game credits, and then proceeded directly to Invasion Matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the “Network connection to server failed” message to remain on the screen after resolution
  • Fixed an issue where Juliana could spawn on the ground and have to fall for a short time before moving.
  • Fixed an issue where Carnesis visual effects would not be visible from Juliana’s point of view when used in NPCs

Joseph Noup is a writer / producer / Mr. Kill for IGN.