Thursday, May 19th, 2022

The most unfair war weapon in the new world could be its van hammer

New World has the ability for player factions to declare war on each other and occupy territory, but one weapon that seems to be used to win these wars is the game’s ban tool, Geneva. It should break the Aeturnum version of the treaty. A swarm of players has reported banned shortly before the timed war, and Amazon has sent out various messages about why (or even if it could).

Take a quick look New world subreddit When New World Forum Clarify multiple topics along this subject.Topics tend to cut along similar lines-players complain that they have received Banned for 24 hours just before the warDespite claiming not to break the rules. Often, the target group of players is The highest level of their company (Groups that can participate in the war).

As a result, businesses participate in war without key members of the army, leading to unjustified loss of territory. Many players who report accidental bans put this on a large number of reports from enemy companies using what the victims claim is an automatic ban system. This seems to have been confirmed by the game’s customer service representative.

The reaction caused many to feel that the case was over and that Amazon needed to tweak its ban tools to prevent unfair use prior to the war.However, confusingly, the other members of the Amazon team I said there is no automatic ban.. As the PC Gamer points out, Official New World According to the Twitter account, all reports drawn after the allegations of unjustified moderation contained violations of the Code of Conduct.But even more Amazon Customer Service Interaction It seems to contain a reference to a 24-hour ban that is somehow automated.

Mixed messaging has caused confusion in the community. In particular, the ban itself often contains little information about why it was distributed.Something community manager NW_Mugsy They say they proposed it as a fix. I contacted Amazon Games to explain what’s happening and if any changes have been made.

Whatever the cause or reason, it points to another tooth-growing problem in Amazon’s very popular new MMO. After looking like a huge server queue and a U-turn that allows players to transfer the region they play, the mass ban allegations are the latest frustration for potential Aeturnum explorers. ..

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