Monday, May 23rd, 2022

The most anticipated game of 2022 (by Team Xbox)

With the New Year finally coming, it’s time to complete the 2021 game backlog in anticipation of the game being released in 2022. Here at Team Xbox, we’re always looking forward to what’s just above the horizon. I’m thinking about the most anticipated titles to be released in 2022. With that in mind, I decided to poll different members of the team. This year, there is something that everyone can enjoy from the following blockbuster works. Starfield (Spoilers: I actually made the list twice) And Elden Ring To indie darling like Tunic When Atomic heart..

Now let’s take a look at the games you can’t wait to play on your Xbox Series X | S and Windows PC next year, including the ones that will appear on the first day of the Xbox Game Pass, without any further hassle.

Somerville (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

It’s just amazing – beautiful and visceral art and audio, enveloping the story of a family navigating the dangers of the post-apocalyptic Earth. The moment the jumpship team shared their vision with me many years ago, I was hooked. Because the core of this game is to do everything you can to protect your loved ones. What is more important in life? – Sarah Bond, CVP, Game Creator Experience and Ecosystem.

Starfield (Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

There are a lot of great games coming out this year, but if I had to choose the one I was most excited about, it would be Starfield.. I love the world and experience that the Todd Howard and Bethesda Game Studios teams have created over the decades. This is because The Elder Scrolls and Fallout are two of my favorite franchises.I really like that Todd isn’t just talking about it in the games they’re making Starfield, Not just the universe.I can’t wait to escape into this new world of science fiction and explore everything they bring back to life. Starfield.. – Bonnie Ross, Head of 343 Industries

Red fall hero image

Red fall (Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

You may see the trailer of the game and know that it will be special. Getting into an open world full of vampires is definitely very specific, but it will stir up itching for years, and I’m all about it. Then again … there’s something about adventuring alone in the darkness that calls my name. In any case, Red fall We are counting down the number of days until it is released later this year. Oh, and who can forget that sick reload animation from Leila? – Malik Prince, Communication Manager, Content Creator Relations

Slime Launcher 2 (Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

Follow-up to this squeeze smash hit Slime RancherYou can continue your adventure as Beatrix Lebeau by trekking to Rainbow Island. Slime Launcher 2.. Collect slime to build a greenhouse and discover more why 10 million players are happy with slime. As a bonus, it will be available from the first day of the Xbox Game Pass! – Larry Hryb, Xbox Major Nelson


Tunic (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC)

I can’t wait to play Tunic.. I love action-adventure games and the little fox in the big world captivated me at E3 2018. We look forward to exploring this world, fighting, and discovering secrets. – Xbox Game Studios, Studios Head, Mary McGuane

Marvel’s Midnight Sands (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC)

In addition to seeing the way Sea of ​​Thieves Evolved in 2022 and looking forward to Marvel’s Midnight sun.. I love character rosters and bold choices of art styles, and I’m a big fan of the Firaxis team and Marvel Comics related stories. It feels like this game was made for me. – Craig Duncan, Rare Studio Head

Atomic heart (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

I’m crazy about first-person story-driven games Atomic heart And the crazy and illustrious world created by Mandfish, I can’t wait to play and experience it directly. We look forward to what millions of Game Pass players think! – Matt Percy, General Manager of Xbox Business Planning

Gotham Knights (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC)

Gotham Knights is one of my most anticipated games in 2022. Rocksteady redefined DC’s Batman universe and created one of my personal favorite franchises in the Arkham series of games. I can’t wait to see how WB Montreal extends it further with four new characters and collaborative action gameplay. – Jason Ronald, Head of Xbox Platform

Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

After playing the holidays Division 2 With my husband and son, I’m very excited Rainbow Six Extraction It will be released on January 20th (especially the Game Pass on the first day). McKissick Household Cooperation PVE Shooting Game FTW! – Ashley McKissick, CVP of Gaming Experiences Engineering

Destiny 2: Queen of Witches (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC)

The 2021 Savathûn setup is Queen of witches.. From the craft updates discussed to the ability to wield his grave in combat, the Guardians are ready to team up to see what the bungee is about to embark on. See all Starsides! – Xbox Social Media Manager, Josh Stein

Plague Tale: Requiem

Plague Story: Requiem (Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

Yes. many. Rat. Seriously, all rats. All of them. Plague Story: Innocence I was still wondering what’s going on with this boy, why there are so many rats, and what’s happening, so I’m excited to solve it with Requiem. Screen at the same time. I think there are many … (Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the first day with the PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass!) – Megan Spurr, Community Lead for Xbox Game Pass

Dying Light 2 (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC)

I’m not going to lie: I’m usually not a giant open world action zombie survival guy. But I think 500 hours is great, so I’m looking forward to Techland’s vast open-world action zombie survival game in 2022. – Seth Schiesel, Executive Director of Xbox

Starfield hero image

Starfield (Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

My most anticipated game in 2022 is the new universe from Bethesda Game Studio’s incredibly talented brain for the first time in 25 years. Recalling the magic of early space exploration, I hope it will be a game that defines the next generation. – Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Game Marketing

Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC)

Like many people of my age, Star Wars has been a big part of my life. I love Lego Star Wars games. It’s a great way to convey the love of Star Wars to the little Padawan of my life, and this collection allows you to play lego-fed versions of all nine movies. As with any Star Wars game, I hope my fellow Kiwi Temuera Morrison will speak to Django and Boba Fett. – Tom Mahony, Director of Third Party Game Marketing

Stalker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl

Stalker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl (Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC, First day of game pass on PC, console, cloud).

I always have a soft spot for post-apocalyptic adventures and Stalker 2 This is the point of what I enjoy. It’s all about moody visuals, a premonitioned world, and unique characters. – Brian Fargo, Studio Head, inXile Entertainment

Saints Row (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC)

The Saints Row The series provided me with vibrant game memories. Saints Row 3Become a superhero with Saints Row 4, I played an original mini game and laughed until I cried.I was always down for the following Saints Row Would you like to release a trailer that looks like that surprise? Give it to me now. – New platform director, Jeff Rubenstein

Screenshot of Elden Ring

Elden Ring (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC)

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Elden Ring.From the original Dark soul To axe, I enjoy the incredibly satisfying feeling of defeating all of FromSoftware’s action RPGs over and over and defeating all the challenges posed to me. I’m also a sucker for open world games, and I’ve been immersed in games like the following for hundreds of hours. Assassin’s Creed Valhara And that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.. Few things appeal to me as much as the open world FromSoftware titles. That’s what I get when the Elden Ring drops in February. I can’t wait to fight a huge boss with just a sword and reflexes. bring it on! – Will Tuttle, Editor-in-Chief of Xbox Wire