Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

The momentum of Metroid Dread sales in the UK marks a big moment in the series

Image: Nintendo

It will take a few weeks for global sales to come out, Metroid dread It got off to a strong start, backed by a large marketing campaign from Nintendo and a lot of positive reviews online.Although sales in the UK were some of the first successful ones, they couldn’t get past multi-platform titles. Far Cry 6 When FIFA 22, Dread’s weekend launch was probably the best opening of IP in the country, taking into account eShop downloads (at the time of writing, it was # 1 on the UK and US eShop charts).

This series has historically been the least successful of Nintendo, and its influence and cultural influence outweigh the actual sales, but perhaps Dread is due to its quality and a very popular switch combination. Can be turned around. Still, it’s interesting where sales data and Metroid games “stand” in the big picture. (Focused on the UK market) is a fascinating reading from that perspective.

It’s worth a look as it looks at the sales history of the series in the UK and provides insights into when IP was closest to a major breakthrough (it’s worth a look). Metroid Prime When Metroid Prime: Hunter), And-at least in Britain-shows the series’ iconic prominence, Super metroidAt that time, the performance was quite poor. This is probably because the Sega Mega Drive was pushing SNES hard in the UK market at that time, but it’s interesting to see.

Below are excerpts from reports related to the franchise’s past five years and the upturn in Dread and previous Mercury Steam efforts. Metroid: Samus Returns..

When Metroid returned in 2016, it was another controversial release — Metroid Prime: Nintendo 3DS Federal Army. Like hunters in some respects, the Federation Force has focused on action and multiplayer.But I hated the original trailer and it wasn’t what the fans wanted Called Nintendo to cancel the game Through a petition. It has received an average review and hasn’t even charted in the UK. Other than the re-release of the NES Classic Metroid, the Federation Force remains the UK’s best-selling Metroid.

Definitely, things improved in 2017 when Nintendo returned to Metroid’s 2D roots with a remake of Metroid Prime 2.Simply called: Metroid: Samus Returns, the game Made by European studio Mercury Steam, And was Very popular with critics.. Unfortunately, it was launched very late in the life of the 3DS (the Switch was launched six months ago), and game sales were low. However, it outperformed the game on which it was based and sold better than the Metroid Zero Mission.

It was not surprising that Mercury Steam was invited to create another 2D Metroid. Metroid Dread was released last week for the Nintendo Switch.Nintendo gives a big boost to the game Received the praise of high critics.. Game launch sales were slightly behind Metroid Prime launch, but in terms of revenue Launch of the highest-selling Metroid game ever..

Indeed, in just a week, Metroid Dread is already the eighth-selling Metroid game (and sixth in revenue), already ahead of Samus Returns. And it does not include the digital download data of the game.

Also, like this scribe, if you often mourn Nintendo’s missteps, here’s the verification line: wonderful Metroid Prime Trilogy Released on Wii.

In 2009, Nintendo released a compilation of Prime Trilogy. The game was released on a limited supply and was ranked 11th on the list of best-selling Metroid games.

It’s all very interesting. Check out the full report to see where your favorite Metroid games are in UK sales.