Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

The Minecraft 1.18.1 update fixes a fog issue and reduces diamonds. The patch notes are:

image: Mojang

Mojang has announced the first patch of Minecraft’s latest 1.18 update, “Caves & Cliffs Part II”. It aims to fix some bugs and issues here and there.

1.18.1 Technical changes in Prerelease 1

  • Fixed an issue that caused a timeout error when a player with a low bandwidth connection connected to the server
  • World fogs now start far away from the player to make distant terrain more visible
  • Instead of applying fog as a spherical volume, it is now applied as a cylindrical volume.

1.18.1 Bugs fixed in Prerelease 1

  • MC-219507 -Beacon power returns to previous power when world reloads
  • MC-242729 -/ Due to clone, observer is activated with no updates nearby
  • MC-243216 -Chunk rendering distance on the server seems to be shorter than 1.17.1

The above bugs have been fixed in the pre-release version. The pre-release version is currently only available on PC, but we plan to release it live. “At the end of next week“— December 10th.

Especially for Bedrock Edition (the one on the console), these are the currently published fixes.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when copying a world backup for a particular language on the PlayStation
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while chatting and playing in realms
  • Reduced the amount of diamond ore produced for the Java Edition
  • Fixed a lighting bug when removing a light source after returning to the overworld from another dimension (MCPE-145828).
  • Players no longer have problems moving after respawning or getting out of bed.
  • On Android devices[ファイルの保存場所]of[外部]Added a warning prompt explaining that data may be lost if set to
  • Fixed various crashes and storage related issues with Android multi-user feature and Amazon Kids / Freetime (MCPE-106524, MCPE-107503, MCPE-37685).
  • Fixed an issue where the simulation would stop in a multiplayer session if another player moved away from one player’s rendering distance (“MCPE-147391).
  • If’checkForBlocks’ is true and the destination is blocked, the teleport command will not succeed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the realm purchase page to occur incorrectly if the maximum number of realms was already owned
  • Optimized marketplace inventory screen and improved content image loading

The Bedrock 1.18.1 live release is currently only available on the PlayStation, but will be available “in the next few days” on other platforms as well.

If you encounter any bugs in the 1.18 update, be sure to put them in. Minecraft Issue Tracker If you want to fix them!