Friday, September 17th, 2021

The Mass Effect Legend update includes more visual improvements

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition update adds more visual improvements to the remastered game set. EA Blog, The May 17th update of Mass Effect Legendary Edition will affect all platforms, and it also fixes some known bugs, including a severe crash in the Xbox Series X version when using wireless headsets.

However, the main title is that the games in the updated remaster collection will look better. In all games, the iris shader has been updated to interact with light more naturally.In “Mass Effect”, specific terrain textures have been improved, and in “Mass Effect” and “Mass Effect 2”, some pre-rendered cinematics have been adjusted to remove visual artifacts.

Especially in “Mass Effect 2”, players will be able to enjoy the “improved lights and shadows” and “smaller improvements in vision, rendering and VFX” in the movie. Achievement issues are fully resolved, including the issue of not tracking kills in Mass Effect 3.

On the Mass Effect subreddit, players report that the update may be quite large, depending on which games you have installed, some The report says that in some cases it is close to 10GB or more.
However, the update did not address all players’ concerns.Another popular comment in this topic comes from ASF_Bendakk, He hopes to solve the game’s surround sound implementation problem, and is eager to see a fix for the C Sec / Normandy supplier failures, which are reported to lock certain gears.

The basic version of the legendary version has made many changes to the original version, and even fixed one of the larger controversies in “Mass Effect 3.” However, one of the deletions is the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3-although it may not be lost in that regard. We don’t have any comments yet, but we will post them soon.

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