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The Mass Effect Legend has changed the fan’s love from Tali’s new face to changing the character’s race

“Mass Effect Legend Edition” has been released, and it brings a series of changes to the series-some have been announced, and some secrets until it is mastered by fans-players are still discovering more. Before the release of “Mass Effect Legend Edition”, EA and BioWare detailed many of the changes in the series. IGN’s “Mass Effect Legends Edition” wiki guide details many of these changes and is worth checking out, but many new things are discovered every day.Some of them are surprising, such as fixing a ten-year-old bug, while others remind people how much time has passed since the original trilogy of the “Mass Effect” trilogy was released. IGN has made some of the biggest, best, concealed, and most surprising changes to BioWare’s science fiction trilogy.

Face 3 in Tully’s “Mass Effect”

Anyone familiar with the original “Mass Effect 3” version knows that it answers many Tali fans’ questions: What does Tali look like under his bone armor?If you romanticize Tully in Mass Effect 3, this relationship will lead to a scene where Commander Shepard looks at an undisguised photo of Tully and then sees what Photoshopped picture of Miss England ’05 winner Hammasa Kohistani.

Of course, BioWare did add some foreign features to Kohistani’s face in the photo, but in the final analysis, it is still just a human photo. It’s safe to say that BioWare deeply criticized this criticism, because in the legendary version of Mass Effect 3, Tully’s face now looks like an original artwork rather than a photo studio for the beauty pageant champion. You can check out Tali’s new look below, Provided by MaxGoods on Reddit.

Redditor Superspicycurry37 He said: “This is the one thing I want them to change everything else.” And, they are “happy that it is.” Redditor Max_Crultak26However, he said: “In my mind, some fish have purple or light red lines, while others like Tali have purple freckles (and tree-like lines), but the image is cool.”

New Pluto textures in Mass Effect 2

Pluto is a topic of constant debate in the scientific community. Is it a planet? Isn’t it a planet? Mass Effect 2 is irrelevant, because regardless of its state in our solar system, it is something in space that can be scanned.Now, the interesting thing about scanning planets in Mass Effect 2 is that in the legendary version of the game, the texture of Pluto has been updated to match The latest photos of Pluto in 2015.

The photo above is what Pluto looks like in the legendary version of Mass Effect 2. It comes from Redditor Kunven. This is a small change, but as some of Kunven’s responses to the Mass Effect subreddit indicate, it is a welcome change. Redditor Silent_Shadow05 said that they “appreciate these small details” and they believe that “BioWare really goes beyond that.”

Elanos Haliat

In the original version of Mass Effect, the space pirate Elanos Haliat was human, which didn’t make much sense. European gamesThis change was originally reported and pointed out how humane Elanos was in the initial release of the game. As the Eurogamer report pointed out, Elanos hates humans, he wants to attack human colonies, and other terminus races also gather behind him and become human leaders. Doesn’t it sound like a human? This is because the human identity of Elanos is an error in the original game.

However, this problem has been fixed in the “Legend of Mass Effect” version, because now Elanos appears in the game as Turian, which makes more sense. Redditor DocD173 released changes side by side, You can view it below.

DocD173 said in the game’s secondary statement: “It has been so confused that the person in charge of the terminal system responsible for Skyllian Blitz is a human.” “This is a small but gratifying change in ME: LE. I didn’t expect these side tasks to get. This kind of love.”

Lover of Liara T’Soni: View PhD in Photo Mode

If you are interested in Liara, or just interested in this role, why not know something about her educational background?Thanks to the newly added photo mode in “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition”, players can now view Liara’s Ph.D. Redditor Tannen.

As you can see, this is the PhD of Thessia Planet Liara from The Serrice University. Who knows what else the newly added photo mode can help players discover in Mass Effect? Tannen Falconwing posted what they thought was a transcription In addition to their findings, what this degree also shows:

  • Serris University
  • Planet Thessia
  • The university’s governing body approved today
  • Liara T’Soni
  • be awarded
  • PhD in Anthropology
  • the age of god
  • Completed at the appropriate time and with the sole purpose of continuing the pursuit of truth and knowledge to promote the people of Asari

In addition to interesting discoveries like this, including the photo mode, it is welcome to fans of the new and old series.For some people, this is an opportunity Funny photo of Commander Shepard standing awkwardly Behind the beloved character. For others, the new photo mode is a great tool for those who want to show their love of series characters, locations, etc.

A quick look at the Mass Effect subreddit display Dozens of posts Players praised BioWare for adding a photo mode to the game. Redditor Demiurge93 He said: “Adding the photo mode is the best decision BioWare has ever made,” and they “hope to keep it for future ME/DA titles.” Another Redditor, ShadowVia, Saying “Photo Mode is a game changer”, while other users, such as Beanjameen, Was surprised by the photos that could be taken due to the game’s photo mode (for example, the photos they took below).

If the novice feels too good, you can use the original Mako

Regarding how poor Mako’s processing power in the “Mass Effect” is, it is well documented. Although it is still not a perfect and easy-to-operate all-terrain spacecraft, it makes the new Mako more maneuverable. The team deserves praise. It is impossible to deny that its control is much better.However, if you want to bypass the original Mako, flaws and everything, you can do it freely by simply switching to the original version in the game settings, as shown in a. PC Gamer report.

Whether it’s nostalgia, masochism or other areas where there is no judgment at all: you can use the original Mako if you want, we are just here to let you know that you can switch back and forth between the old version and the updated version.

Even the latest “Mass Effect” Legend Edition update has some changes

As mentioned in the above example, there are some previously announced and secret changes in “Mass Effect Legends”, at least so far, if there are any signs of the latest update of the game, it seems that there are more likely to appear.
The new update launched on May 17 brought new visual changes to “Mass Effect” and “Mass Effect 2.” Specifically, some terrain textures in “Mass Effect” have been improved, and in “Mass Effect” and subsequent versions, some pre-rendered cutscenes have been changed to remove them. Visual artifacts.

As IGN’s report on the update pointed out, “Mass Effect 2” players will be able to enjoy the “improved lighting and shadows” in the game movie, as well as “smaller visual, rendering and visual effects improvements.” This update also fixes other achievements, such as achievements.

If all these discovered changes cannot be resolved, it seems that there is even more hidden content in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Do you see some changes that we haven’t found here? Leave a comment and let us know. At the same time, please be sure to read the information about how the project director of the game said that the “Mass Effect 3” multiplayer game can return information, and then check IGN’s official “Mass Effect” wiki guide for tips, tricks, walkthroughs, how-to guides, etc. .

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