Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

The Long Dark-Episode 4: Anger, and Silence Now Available

I’m excited to share the latest articles on Long darkWinter mute story mode on today’s Xbox players. This is another milestone in the history of the close collaboration between Hinterland and Xbox. Long dark2015 Xbox game preview.

at that time, Long dark It was already successful on the PC, but there were no concrete plans to bring the game to the console yet. This changed on a phone call with the team in late 2014. [email protected]Initially for consoles, when they shared plans to offer early access type programs. They asked if they wanted to help us launch this, and we jumped in and decided to be among the first games available this way on the console. As a result, we had a serious problem, and in 26 days, from no Xbox builds at all, it worked fine on the platform, was certified, and was ready for release.

This work is now available as one of the first two release titles for the Xbox Game Preview at E3 2015! It was a big moment for our little studio. There was a game mentioned at a Microsoft media event, which was demonstrated on the show floor with a giant first-party giant such as: Hello When Gears of War, Starts the first day of E3.

Participating in the game preview Long darkIs listed on Xbox and has helped build a community of players with us to this day.And this group has only grown since we brought it Long dark We will return to the Xbox Game Pass in 2020. Some of the most passionate players use the Xbox.

The Long Dark: Episode 4

I’m excited to share today Episode 4: Anger, and Silence.. It continues the story of Bush pilot Will Mackenzie looking for Dr. Astrid Greenwood in the frigid and dangerous wilderness of Great Bear Island, Canada’s northernmost island. The mysterious aurora of the sky seems to be in the way of electricity, and as a result, Mackenzie, Astrid, and everyone they meet, a harsh winter without the artificial comfort we all take for granted. And struggling to survive the brutal wildlife. Episode 4 aspires to raise Ante, leave their mark on the Great Bears, and exploit these new situations by introducing a band of bloodthirsty prisoners. Will Mackenzie survive this new threat to continue his search for Astrid?

We call this setting a “quiet apocalypse.” This is not a typical end-of-world scenario with zombies, aliens, or supernatural beasts. Only humanity, facing excessive reliance on technology and loss of skills and communities, leaves us vulnerable when we realize that society is plagued. Mother Nature is responsible and she is neutral to your being. This is a theme that we started investigating many years ago, but has become unexpectedly relevant during the last 18 months or more of COVID lockdown.Our greatest joy comes from hearing players experience the comfort of a quiet wilderness and a thoughtful sense of escapism. Long dark.. That’s why we make what we make — to get in touch with the players.

The Long Dark: Episode 4

With Episode 4 released today, we’re thinking about Episode 5 and the end of Winter Mute Story Mode, and we’ll continue to plan to support Survival Mode to create the best survival game in the world. Thanks to the Xbox player community for providing support over the years. All the feedback you shared, when you told your friends to check out the game, and all the little ways to enrich The Long Dark’s community. We are grateful forever.

The year behind us is nothing compared to the previous year. Enjoy Episode 4. See you in a quiet apocalypse.

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The Long Dark is a thoughtful exploration survival experience that challenges solo players to think for themselves as they explore the vast frozen wilderness. Monitor your condition, look for life-saving equipment, and acquire survival skills such as fire, equipment maintenance, hunting, fishing, and landmark-based navigation. Zombies don’t exist — just everything you, the cold, and Mother Nature can throw at you. The hit Steam Early Access Sandbox will be the first survival game available on Xbox One!