Sunday, September 19th, 2021

The limited edition E3 display area will include more than 25 physics competition announcements

A few weeks ago, the physical publisher Limited Run Games announced that its own E3 style demo will return this year. It will be in the form of streaming Twitch and will be held on June 14.

Now, in some updates, it is revealed that more than 25 physical game announcements will be released during this exhibition.It will also be produced by the team located at Super 64 -Famous for his work on video game short films, commercials and full-length projects.

At least one game to mention was recently announced Lucas Movie Game: Zombies Eat My Neighbor and Ghouls Patrol, LRG previously confirmed that it will receive the actual release.

In last year’s Limited Run E3 live stream, more than 30 physical games were announced, many of which are for Switch. Hope this year will be full of dynamic. Will you participate in the LRG exhibition on June 14th? Leave a comment below.