Saturday, June 12th, 2021

The life-size Slowpoke plush toy was launched this year, but it will cost you

It’s time to get out of the absolutely ridable Laplace, because a new super elven plush is rolling (very slowly) into the city.

Pokémon Center in Japan finally launched this incredible life-size Slowpoke later this year, providing us with the products we deserve. It is 150 cm long (about 5 feet), 65 cm high and 75 cm wide, but most importantly, it is a lovely container of happiness. Imagine that this lucky woman gave Slowmouse a nice squeeze on his soft mouth.

They are actually made to order, and Accepting order The rest of the month (as long as you have a Japanese address to send); from there, shipping will start in November. As for the cost? Well, it will cost you up to 49,500 yen (approximately USD 450 / GBP 318).

For some reason, the product list says that Slowpoke’s target age is 15 years or older. We are not sure why, or what you would do with this information, but you are.

We think it’s time to sit down, enjoy some Slowpoke reggae music, and dream of having this delightful beast in our home.